Clubs, Resorts In Any Climate Benefit From Patio Umbrellas, Cabanas

When you think of big, colorful umbrellas and cabanas, hot days, cold drinks and the need to hide from the sun usually come to mind. But clubs and resorts in tropical climates are not the only beneficiaries of such shady amenities; ski resorts and other cold-weather locations will find just as much use for them. If your resort operates year-round, and your packing those patio umbrellas and cabanas away when ski season arrives, here's why it's time to rethink that idea:

Why sun protection matters in a cold climate

The sun's rays don't go away just because it's winter, with its overcast skies and shorter days. The sun's UV rays can penetrate cloud cover and contribute to skin cancer, a medical issue affection two million Americans every year. While the Earth's Northern Hemisphere does point away from the sun, decreasing the direct aim of the sun's rays, you still need to protect yourself when you're outside. And if you ski or participate in other winter sports, particularly at high altitudes, you're at an even greater risk for skin cancer, because the thinner atmosphere blocks less of the sun's harmful rays.

It's about wind protection, too

Resort cabanas offer a respite from cold temperatures and wind with four sturdy and thick sidewall curtains that offer full protection, or the curtains can be adjusted to allow some airflow while keeping out the wind. Controlling exposure to cold is vital to preventing a variety of medical conditions, including chilblains (small patches of inflamed capillaries) frostbite and hypothermia.

The science of reflective glare

The snow's white glare is just as harmful as the summer for your eyes. Cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and even eye cancer are possible without proper eye protection. Sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection helps, and don't forget to take a few hours away from staring at all that whiteness by taking a break inside a cabana.

A place for guests to take a break

After a day on the slopes, on the cross-country trails, skating ponds or ice fishing, guests appreciate a place to sit and relax while still being able to enjoy the winter scenery. Cabanas and umbrellas placed on the restaurant or bar patio, near the ski lift or the heated spa pool provide a social spot for everyone to gather, eat, drink and swap stories about whether that really was Bigfoot in the woods.

Adding space to seasonal dining

Resort cabanas and patio umbrellas add space to your restaurant and lounge area, with the judicious addition of patio heaters. Whether or not your resort offers winter sports, you can still provide your guests with outdoor dining and great scenery through the chilly months with covered and heated space.

A place for the kids to chill out (or warm up)

Children are more prone to both heat and cold stress than adults; their small bodies build up heat faster because they tend to be more active, but they also lose heat faster, and the smaller the child, the faster the heat loss. An umbrella or cabana in the resort play area is the perfect acclimatization tool, before or after activity. 

Weather-tested, tough all year

Cool-Off's line of fully-adjustable customized patio umbrellas and resort cabanas offers the advantage of year-round protection from sun, wind and the elements, no matter when your guests arrive. From saving their skin to stashing their gear, your guests will appreciate their convenience, comfort, space, and ease of set-up and operation. As a resort owner, you'll appreciate our fast delivery, customer service, free shipping and knowing we use the best materials with the goal of giving your pool area, patio or outdoor entertainment area the polished look that invites your guests to come in, sit down and enjoy themselves. Contact our team for more information about our complete line of products, installation information, and if you have any questions.