Cool Off in Your Very Own Cabana or Keep Your Guests Cool Under a Shade Sail
When the temperatures rise, all creatures great and small suffer from the effects of the heat. Due to the recent extreme water shortages and arid conditions in the Western United States, plants, animals, and people alike are in search of relief from the outdoor inferno. Finding relief from the heat in these areas of the country is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. Installing one of our natural misting and cooling systems at a home or business will deliver the comfort that everyone seeks from the unrelenting heat of the sun. Installing a cooling component such as a covered structure, will deliver a shaded refuge from the insistent heat. Adding a misting system to the structure will help to make the temperature of the area feel much cooler and tolerable. When a sturdily built fan is added to these shade producing structures, the experience is guaranteed to be a pleasurable one for all present. Using these cooling components will help to lower the risk of heat illnesses such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and extreme sunburns. Keeping the body hydrated and cool in extreme temperatures is essential and easy to do when one of our systems is installed at a business or home. Installing a Shade Sail to cover a patio or using Shade Sails to cover a deck will increase the comfort and the amount of time that everyone will spend enjoying the outdoor space. We offer our clients a wide variety of shade, water, and tenting options from which they can choose. We carry cooling solutions such as misting fans, misting systems, patio umbrellas, outdoor cabanas, misting tents, and shade sails. Misting Fans We offer a wide variety of portable misting fans, with three different pressures, so that our customers are able to install the best system for their individual needs. The right system will keep customers, guests, and even entire sports teams cool and comfortable on the hottest of days. Our low pressure systems are great for use in a private Cabana, outdoor patio, exposed work area, or sports area like a dugout or a side line. For businesses that offer their customers an outdoor experience, one of our medium pressure systems will deliver just the right amount of moisture to keep the crowd cool without "dampening" their spirits. Our system of high pressure misting fans are the perfect solution for exposed outdoor situations such as a sports sideline, concert, and many other types of outdoor events. Misting Systems Our selection of misting systems are available to our customers to keep large areas cool and comfortable. We can install one of these systems as a built-in stationary unit, a mobile unit, or as a fogging system. These customized systems will deliver the guests, customers, and visitors the relief from the heat that they seek and need. We can install a misting system for customers when they Buy A Cabana without a misting system but desire additional relief. Areas that are covered by a Shade Sail can be custom fitted with any sized misting system to keep the entire area even cooler. These systems are highly customizable and can be used under awnings, open patio areas, weather exposed working areas, or any other outdoor or semi-indoor area where cooling is needed. Patio Umbrellas We carry a wide selection of umbrellas which offer shade and relief to our customers. Our wide selection of styles and designs give our customers the opportunity to find the best umbrella to fit a yard decor, personal style, or desired size. We offer a number of choices including a collection of fim umbrellas for when very large areas need shading. Our collection of California Umbrellas are stylish and portable. With unique designs and eye catching colors, these umbrellas are a great addition to any beach time supplies. These highly mobile shade delivering wonders are easily ported from home to beach, or storage to picnic table. The beautiful designs will enhance any decor while the shade provided will help to keep the ice cubes in a glass from melting quite so fast. Outdoor Cabanas When a person is in the market to Buy A Cabana from us, they are purchasing a sturdy and secure source of shade and relief. Our free standing structures offer the additional luxury of cloth side walls to block any unwanted sunlight or warm breeze. Utilizing these side panels by closing them and adding one of our low or medium misting fans will create a cool and refreshing place to hang out on the beach or in the back yard. Misting Tents This type of misting system is a semi-portable tent system which has misting capabilities built into the design of the system. Consumers who order this type of system from us are guaranteed to receive the utmost amount of cooling mist for their individual needs. This may involve a low-pressure misting tent for the patio area of a backyard, a garden resting spot, or a temporary event stand. A mid-pressure tent is great for a semi-enclosed area such as a flea market, garage sale, bake sale, or charity event. A high-pressure mister is useful in sports situations, large crowds, and any other large event. There are rechargeable misting tents for times when there is a need to be able to move the heat relief from one location to another without the constraints of electricity. Shade Sails Creating a shady area in a yard or landscape can mean the difference between burning and basking. Our sails are highly functional, portable, and expertly constructed. These comfort enhancing covers are a valuable addition to a yard as a sandbox cover, landscape cover and design element, or a shade for any outdoor area or patio. The portability of these sails allow the homeowner or business owner to create unique and functional outdoor space for the enjoyment of their guests, visitors, or family. Our customers can use these sails along with a custom misting system to create a one-of-a-kind experience for their guests or customers. There is nowhere to hide from the incredible heat that has been pounding the United States. However, it is possible to make the extreme heat not seem so horrible by installing a Shade Sail, misting tent, patio umbrella, misting system, or misting fan. Our systems will provide essential overhead blockage of the sun and are great way to stay cool in the heat. For even more relief, we offer misting systems, misting fans, and misting tents to deliver a mixture of a cooling mist, the breeze from a quality fan, and the cover of a shaded sail or tent. When looking for relief from the heat, we are the answer for the shade, breeze, and mist needed to drop the temperature at any house or business.