Shade sails are among the most revolutionary products designed to make time spent outdoors more pleasant. They are highly effective at providing shade from the hot sun and protecting against dangerous UV rays. At the same time, shade sails are also aesthetically pleasing, extremely versatile and can really pull together the look and design of your residential or commercial outdoor space. If you’re considering investing in a shade sail, here are a few best practices to keep in mind.

Shade sails are ideal in the following scenarios… Outdoor spaces that feature contemporary architecture. The sharp lines and linear shapes make shade sails the perfect addition to these types of designs. They can also add a much needed splash of color to brighten up the area.

People who don’t want permanent structures. Let’s say you’d like to have shade from the sun during the summer months, but prefer to have the space open during other times of the year. Since shade sails can be taken down, they’re ideal for those who prefer to not have permanent structures installed.

People or businesses with an artistic flair. Because shade sails come in so many different shapes, styles, colors and designs, they’re a dream come true for those who have an artistic eye. They can add color where needed and really pull together and complement a certain layout or design.

When not to use shade sails… As protection from rain. While shade sails certainly do their job of keeping the sun and its harmful rays off you and your guests, they won’t do much in the way of keeping everyone dry. That’s because they’re designed to allow wind to flow freely to avoid damage, so rain can also penetrate the fabric.

If you have complex architecture. Most of the time, architecture is pretty straightforward and can be beautifully complemented with the use of shade sails. For design that’s particularly complex or features a lot of intricate detail, however, these products may not be a great fit.

The cost of shade sails… Many people mistakenly believe that shade sails are extremely expensive. To the contrary, you can find a good quality product that is totally affordable. In fact, our shade sails start at less than $100 and are made of commercial grade, durable fabric that is designed to last.

If you’re in the market for one of these practical yet stylish products, feel free to browse our inventory or contact us at 800-504-6478 to place your order. And, as always…stay cool, my friends!