Cooling Ideas for Youth Athletic Events

Sports are fun for young athletes and their parents, but what's not always so much fun is sitting in the hot sun during a race or a soccer or baseball game. For the parent, the heat can greatly diminish the joy of being out there with your kids. For the athlete, high temperatures can affect performance, and adults aren't the only ones who are susceptible to heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke; in fact, kids may be at a greater risk for heat-related illness: "...a child's body surface area makes up a much greater proportion of his overall weight than an adult's, which means children face a much greater risk of dehydration and heat-related illness." Aside from this potentially serious possibility, being overly hot depletes a child's energy and make the game a lot less enjoyable. Athletic activity should be fun for kids and adults alike, not only because of the physical benefits, but because sports provide lessons in teamwork, social skills, sportsmanship, discipline, and more. Misting systems are a simple solution for a hot summer. A gentle mist of water keeps you cool without leaving you looking like you just got out of a water balloon fight: the mist evaporates within a few feet of the nozzles, leaving cool air in its wake and keeping you dry and comfortable. Parents, coaches, and athletes all benefit from having one on the sidelines. There are several great ways to use misting systems at practice or at the big game:

On the Sidelines

Our mid-pressure misting kits come with all necessary hardware and instructions so you can assemble it quickly and easily right there on the field. Or simply place a few portable misting fans on the sidelines or in the dugout to give athletes an opportunity to cool off between halves or innings. Umbrellas and cabanas can provide shade for the substitutes, which is especially nice when coupled with a misting fan. No running water or nearby electrical outlet? No problem. The portable misting system runs on a 12-volt rechargeable battery, and its eight-gallon water tank can provide mist for three or four hours: long enough for an entire game, no refilling required. You can keep your athletes cool and comfortable no matter where the field is located.

On the Sidelines...for the Parents

A misting tent makes a great gathering spot for parents watching the game or waiting for their kids during practice. Instead of baking on the hot bleachers, enjoy the shade provided by the tent along with low-, mid-, or high-pressure mist. The tents come in different sizes and are easy to transport, making it possible to haul it from practice to the game and back again.

At a Tournament

During all-day sporting events, misting tents can provide a refuge for athletes between games, allowing them to relax in a cooler environment and save their energy for the next game. The temperature in the misting tent can be up to 30 degrees cooler than it is outside!

Along the Course

If your young athlete is a golfer or a distance runner, he or she will appreciate misting tents set up along the golf course or at the end of a 5K or 10K race. The volunteers assisting at these types of events will appreciate it, too! Along with ensuring your athletes are properly dressed, fed, and hydrated, misting products can go a long way in preventing grumpiness, fatigue, and even heat-related illness. Don't let summer temperatures force you inside or discourage your kids from playing sports. Get back out there with the help of a high-quality misting system and enjoy the game. And as always, stay cool my friend.