Covid-21 Prevention & Sanitation Misting Systems

The fight to control Covid-19 has brought new importance to the cleaning functions in hotels, restaurants, offices, shopping centers, and basically everywhere.
Various portable fogging systems are used to disinfect hard surfaces from the virus. Generally, the disinfectants used are EPA approved such as Clorox, Lysol, or equivalent.

While excellent for commercial surface use, these are not suitable solutions for airborne use where they could be ingested by humans or animals. Fortunately, high pressure misting pumps have proven worthy and safe for general public cooling and have enhanced the enjoyment of outdoor events, patio dining, resort areas and wherever people gather during the hot months of the year. They are also effective for odor and dust control by providing an ultra-light film that evaporates on contact.

2020 brought with it a new and perfect use for mist, which is to disinfect people prior to contact with others in closed environments or public gatherings.
The silver bullet is a solution of Liquid Ozone, usually produced in 55 gallon drums. Of course every bullet needs a gun and that’s where our patented misting systems come in.

By using the finest possible nozzles (.004”) and our 1000 psi pump we attain a light fog that evaporates on contact and eliminates the virus on people, clothing, and furniture.
Hotels and resorts use it extensively for protecting workers at the beginning of their shift. Simply walking through a misting tent for 10 seconds allows everyone to feel safe from spreading the virus to each other as well as their customers on a daily basis.
Upon leaving the tent, each person is disinfected and has no moisture residue.

Such systems are perfect for clearing entry to large venues such as sporting events, concerts, airlines, cruise lines, large office buildings and shopping centers. The misting structure size and shape is up to the customer, but a 10’ high x 8-10’ wide x 15’ long tent is common.

Nozzles are spaced every two feet on the sides and across the top. Imagine two horse shoes about 10 feet apart with 4 nozzles on each side and 3 nozzles across the top. The two misting horse shoes will utilizes 22 nozzles in total and can be aimed as desired with our incredible swivel nozzles.

Our patented 0.4 GPM pump is uniquely designed to be used without a pressurized input so it can draw directly from a drum of liquid ozone. Just plug it into a 110 volt grounded outlet and you can even run the system from your phone with our app if desired.