As those final days of summer have officially drawn to a close and we’re transitioning into the fall months, that means it’s time for cooler weather and, of course, football! What better way to enjoy these things than combining them together into one spectacular outdoor fan cave? If this sounds like something you’re interested in doing, here are a few tips on how to transform your yard into the ultimate football tailgating experience. football fan cave

Identify the Area – The space you’re going to be transitioning to your fan cave can really be anywhere, but you’ll obviously want to keep it close enough for it to be properly wired for electronics. You’ll probably also want to ensure the space is adequately covered. An outdoor gazebo can provide the ideal amount of shelter from the weather while still keeping the area open and airy. Be sure to measure the space once you’ve chosen it so you can plan all the other components accordingly.

Think about Theme – You don’t technically have to design your fan cave with a particular theme in mind, but it tends to add to the ambiance. Look for cool outdoor items like camping chairs, grills and grill covers, welcome mats and anything else with your chosen theme. This could be a generic sports theme or it could incorporate your favorite team logos to really solidify your fandom!

Entertainment – A fan cave isn’t much of anything without the ability to watch the game, right? So another big part of planning out your project is determining how you’ll get electricity to the space and where you’ll put the television. If the space you’ve chosen is completely open and/or uncovered, you may want to consider investing in weather-proof equipment and storage. Otherwise you’ll have to lug everything in and out every time.

Fridge or Bar – The next topic is how you plan to access drinks (whether it’s soda or something more adult in nature). Will you keep everything in a fridge or would you prefer to go all out and include a bar area in your fan cave? If you decide on a fridge, electricity will again be a factor, so plan accordingly. For something more basic, a rolling cooler filled with ice may work just fine.

Furniture – What type of décor are you looking for? Fan caves don’t have to be fancy, but they certainly can be if that’s what you have in mind! There are plenty of options, including everything from simple camping chairs and basic patio furniture to comfortable and stylish outdoor couches and love seats. Figure out which works best with your budget and the design you’re envisioning. Don’t forget to include tables in your plans so you and your guests have a place to put food and drinks down.

Accessories – What are you and your buddies going to do before or after the game, or during half-time for that matter? If your space is big enough and features adequate protection from the elements, a pool table or ping-pong table might make the perfect addition. You may also want to consider placing other outdoor games that don’t require any weather-proofing near your fan cave area, such as horseshoes. It ultimately depends on what types of activities you and your circle of friends prefer to partake in.

Warmth – As the temperatures begin to drop, you’ll want to think about how you and your guests will stay warm while enjoying time in your outdoor fan cave. Fire pits are an option, but they can put a damper on the ambiance because they have to be kept at a safe distance, away from all the festivities. They’re also a bit on the dangerous side. That’s why many fan cave designers choose outdoor patio heaters instead. These are much safer and more practical since they can be placed nearer to where all the fun is! An outdoor fan cave brings together all of the best parts of Fall….food, friends, football and the beautiful, crisp air we’ve all been waiting for. These tips will help you design the outdoor sports oasis that will be the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. And, for now….stay cozy, my friends! For more information please visit the Cool-Off website at Please send all media inquiries to