greenhouse We’ve spent the past several months sharing thoughts, ideas and tips on how to best leverage a misting system for your home or business. Aside from the more common uses, such as cooling a private patio area or a public space like a restaurant’s outdoor dining section, there are literally dozens of different ways you can use a misting system to your advantage. Let’s take a look at a few more creative ideas that may just surprise you.

Farms – Whether you’re raising dairy cows and beef cattle for profit or you’re breeding prize stallions, one thing all farmers have in common is the experience of unpleasant summer heat. Not only does this affect all the people who work hard on their daily duties, but it can also impact the animals. Installing a misting system can alleviate the discomfort for everyone and make the atmosphere much more enjoyable.

Produce Stands – There’s nothing more enticing than a display of fresh, vibrant fruits and veggies as you stroll down the street. Unfortunately, if that stand is outdoors, the summer heat can put a real damper on business. Keep your produce fresh, healthy and looking good by installing a misting system. Your customers will be more likely to stop by and shop for a while, which means more money in your pocket.

Lumber Yards – Another physically strenuous job that is handled mostly outdoors is working in a lumber yard. Between tracking inventory, moving and storing wood, keeping up with customers’ demands and everything else that goes along with this industry, the last thing you need is to deal with sweltering temperatures. Give your team a break by providing a misting area where they can rest, rehydrate and reenergize.

Sports Venues – Whether you’re a player or a spectator, being outdoors for a sporting event during the warmer months can be torturous. From the soaring temps to the relentless rays of the sun, it’s easy to find yourself dehydrated and downright uncomfortable. With a misting system, there will be a place of much-deserved reprieve. Players can reboot while fans can step into the cooling relief whenever they feel the need.

Amusement Parks – During nicer weather, amusement parks are a popular day trip for many families, but when the thermometer reaches those higher temps, it can put a damper on the experience. A few well-placed cooling stations can make all the difference in the world, extending the amount of time patrons stay and subsequently increasing profits.

What did we miss? Are you using a misting system in a fun or creative way or know someone who is? We’d love to hear about it!

And, when you’re ready to purchase your own cost-effective, efficient cooling system, give us a call at 800-504-6478. As always….stay cool, my friends.