Do Your Resort Patio Umbrellas Have Star Quality?
Guests love to treat themselves to some al fresco time by the pool or enjoy a few holes on the green. These are unquestionably some of the most favorite choices for vacation relaxation and fun. Although fun in the sun has its pleasures, eventually guests will want to beat the heat with a bit of shade. Offering guests a luxury, star quality experience, resort cabanas and patio umbrellas simply must be constructed of the finest materials. Do your shady spaces measure up?

Special Treatments:

Luxury resort patio umbrellas and cabanas are designed to withstand the rigors of exposure to the elements. The finest patio umbrellas have sturdy frameworks of non-rust aluminum paired with high-quality fabrics featuring special treatments. Leaders in the luxury outdoor furniture industry use double powder coated paint to compliment the natural rust-resistance of aluminum. Fabric treatments that protect against fading caused by UV exposure and to create water-resistance are the premium solutions to keep outdoor furniture always looking sharp.


Guests want more than functionality from their little patch of shade. They also want style. After all, those resort cabanas will probably be the backdrop for plenty of selfies and photo memories. And the aesthetic appeal is more than just a camera-friendly environment. The psychology of the human mind draws a connection between beauty and relaxation. Medical experts explain why we like to stare at pretty things. Looking at something that is lovely becomes entrancing to the brain. As we gaze upon a thing of beauty, a calming effect takes place. We respond positively to that which is beautiful. Calm, relaxation and the luxury of an elegant place of escape, those are the things every guest desires. A sleek design in patio umbrellas and resort cabanas contribute to a gorgeous landscape and creates a cozy, comfortable space where shade-seekers can relax. Some of the biggest names in the resort industry feature amazingly glamorous spaces for guests to cool off.


Whether mechanical design is a traditional pole umbrella or space-saving cantilever, the finest engineering should result in a simple, smooth open or close function. Guests trying to get their relax on do not want to experience the disruption of a struggle with the umbrella.


Patio umbrellas and resort cabanas are more than just a place to cool-off. These are products that contribute to the statement of a resort's brand. Quality and beauty are just two key components of any luxury resort brand strategy. If there is not a one-of-a-kind element, then it's not really a luxury item. Customizing with particular colors, patterns, and logos transforms a run-of-the-mill quality product into a specialty component of a resort's high-end branding strategy.

Rental Trends:

Private cabana rentals and personal patio umbrella reservations are the hottest trends in luxury resorts. Guests prefer to know that their space in the shade will be waiting for them when they are ready for a break. Enjoying concierge service, fresh towels and all the other little perks attached to reserving outdoor personal space are why more and more guests are upgrading their resort vacation upon arrival. Stylishly comfortable cabanas and patio umbrellas are investments that can offer a fantastic return.

Look No Further:

You don't have to look far and wide for a reliable supplier of the finest resort cabanas and patio umbrellas. For more information on the best products to cool off your guests in star-quality style, please contact us. Professionals with expertise in the products your resort needs to help your guests beat the heat in the comfort and luxury they expect can answer your questions. Let us help you find the right shade solutions for your outdoor spaces. Need help developing a high-impact brand strategy with custom options? No problem. We've got that covered, too.