Eight Reasons Misting Fans Make Sense For Spring
Several recent nor'easter storms and a winter that never seems to end may combine to make the idea of installing cooling misting fans the last thing on your mind. But warmer weather will arrive and with it these eight situations when you'll either be glad you made the early decision to order misting fans or regret you didn't get it done:

You're A Coach For Youth Or Adult Sports Teams

In the heat of game battle, players often overheat without realizing how sick they are until medical attention is necessary. Senior and child participants are especially susceptible to heat-related illnesses, as they do not adjust to extreme temperatures quickly. For seniors, the issues are age, chronic illness and medications; for children, it's their size and inability to understand or explain clearly to adults why they feel bad.

You Run Or Manage A Construction Company Or Building Site

Dust and dirt are major issues at most construction sites, and a misting fan not only tamps down these pollutants, keeping them away from workers and the project itself, but the misting fans keep your workers cool and comfortable when they are outside all day and don't have the option for an indoor break area.

You Own A Restaurant With Outdoor Seating

When the weather warms up, don't close off your patio; open it and cool it off with misting fans. You gain additional seating in the hottest months, increase your profits and use space that was otherwise shut off from the public.

You Operate A Doggy Day Care

Pets need cooling, too. Your four-legged friends can suffer from heat-related illnesses and sunburn. They cannot communicate their distress to anyone, so be the hero of the local doggy daycare brigade and offer misting fans for your clients. Their owners will love the idea that you took that extra step and showed how much you care about their pets' health.

You Operate A Garden Center Or Plant Nursery

The misting fans will benefit your plants with additional water, giving them a fresh and lively appearance, but they will also provide a cooling welcome to shoppers and employees, since much of your business is conducted outdoors, regardless of weather conditions.

You Own A Horse Stable Or Operate A Mobile Horse Grooming Business

A portable misting fan is a great addition to your riding or working gear around the stable. Most horses enjoy a shower, and the misting fan's gentle pressure won't frighten them as it gently cleans. A misting fan in the stable tamps down hay dust and particles, and you can clean your riding boots after a hard day in the ring or on the trails.

You Manage A Hotel Or Campground

Guests will love the novelty of misting fans around the pool and patio area of your hotel, resort or B&B. If your accommodations are located near the beach or dusty mountain trails, the misting fans allow guests to wash off dirt and grime before they come inside or enter the pool, eliminating the cost and inconvenience to you due to dirty floors, furniture and bedding and hazy, dirty pool water. Campground visitors without access to a pool will especially appreciate misting fans, particularly on hot days when the air conditioning in their camper vehicles or bungalows is not quite as powerful as their home unit.

You Entertain Outdoors At Home

Guests love your place, but you want them to appreciate everything you've worked for when it comes to your home, including your backyard. And with misting fans keeping them cool even on the hottest days, your guests won't be crowding around you in the kitchen or parked around your big-screen TV in the living room. Instead, they'll be outside enjoying the scenery, each other's company, and the mist-assisted atmosphere. Cool-Off has a wide range of misting fans and systems, from high-pressure misting systems suitable for commercial use to low-pressure combinations suitable for a single room, misters and fans on wheels and specialized sports misting systems. We carry parts and accessories for all our misting fans and we offer free shipping. Call us and find out how we can help keep you safe, cool and comfortable this spring.