Cool-Off Announces $1,000 Scholarship Program for America's Future Leaders in Innovation Fort Worth, Tx., April 20, 2017- The Innovators of tomorrow are getting a helping hand today, and it's all thanks to a company from Fort Worth Texas. Beginning in the Fall of 2017, will give one lucky student per year, a scholarship of $1000 to be paid in the Fall semester. This scholarship is to assist with books, tuition, food costs, housing fees, or other expenses. The scholarship is intended to promote the company's belief that the students of today, will be the changers of tomorrow, and is putting its money in the same place as its mouth. Cool-Off's mission is to improve the lives of people everywhere who are affected by harmful UV rays, and the stress associated with hot weather and prolonged exposure to heat. They believe that by assisting with the rising cost of education in the United States, the company can help foster an environment that rewards creativity, and encourages innovation, with the ultimate goal of designing products that better protect people from the heat. This scholarship makes the statement that there is no better way to do that, than making an investment in college students. The scholarship has no minimum GPA requirement for eligibility, and students are encouraged to apply by submitting a 750-1500 word essay, which introduces a new product idea designed to further the mission of better protecting people from the harmful effects of heat. The substance of the essay should be centered on what the student's ideas are about how to lessen the consequences of prolonged exposure to the sun, and heat in an outdoor environment. The idea can be for a product that is ingested, or is external to the body. Students should attempt to explain the potential perspective both of the business offering the product, as well as the target consumer. Potential benefits of using the product, metrics regarding a quantifiable heat reduction, as well as calculable evidence should be included in the proposal. Any existing college student may apply for the scholarship, so long as they will be a full-time student in the United States for the upcoming Fall 2017 semester. High school students may apply, if the student will be a full-time college student by the Fall semester of 2017. International students are also encouraged to apply, but with the understanding that Cool-Off is only able to send a check to a college or university within the United States, on a military base, or located in a U.S. territory. Student applicants should include the name of their college or university, their class year (freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior), their major classification, a copy of their academic transcript either from high school or college, and their contact information by July 1, 2017. The scholarship check will be mailed in the student's name, to the financial aid department of the college or university attended by the winning student, with an anticipated dispersement date of July 31, 2017. Although the scholarship will only be offered to one student in the Fall, students are encouraged to apply again in subsequent years.


For more than twelve years, Cool-Off has been dedicated to offering innovative products that protect against heat stress. The company's motto is that they provide "everything cool under the sun." With a product lineup that began with a simple idea to add cool mist to a standard commercial grade fan, the company has grown to include numerous products that make the rigors of outdoor work and play, tolerable under the right conditions. Entries should be sent to or mailed to: 6080 South Hulen Street Suite 360 Unit 224 Fort Worth, TX 76132