Find Refuge From The Sun With Cool-Off
Everyone loves eating outside. There's something special about being in the open air, but still enjoying time sitting around a table with friends and loved ones. Of course, as any restaurant owner with an outside seating area knows, that real estate is not going to be occupied the whole year. In fact, outdoor seating is only useful as long as the weather is nice. As soon as it gets too cold, or too hot, people would rather stay indoors where the climate is comfortable, and carefully controlled. But what if you could provide your customers with the best of both worlds by helping them beat the heat while sitting outside in the fresh air? That's where Cool-Off, and our unique comfort solutions, comes into play. At Cool-Off, it's our job to allow your customers to enjoy the sun, without getting baked by it. To that end, we have a laundry list of products that can take your outdoor seating area, and keep it comfortable even on days where the mercury doesn't want to stop climbing. The most common items we carry are awnings, umbrellas, and other sources of shade. These sun shields are one of the simplest, and most cost-effective ways to make your outside seating more comfortable during those hot, summer months. Our materials are high-quality, and built to last, standing up to the sun's harshest glares for years without fading, fraying, or withering. Sometimes just sitting in the shade isn't enough, though. Even with the sun's glare cut by a thick cloth, the heat is still too much for comfort. Fortunately, we also offer misting solutions. Whether it's misting fans, a ceiling mounted misting system, or even a misting tent (the sort you can set up or take down depending on the event and the season), we will help keep your air cool and humid. Not only is it good for your customers, but it is a lot less expensive than more traditional air conditioning methods. Also, for those worried about water damage or discomfort, it's important to remember that misters don't cool people off by getting them wet. That's how sweat works, but misters use something called flash evaporation to rapidly cool the air in a nearby radius. A mister puts out a light spray of misty water, which fills the hot air. The hot air rapidly heats the mist, turning it into vapor. As the water turns back into vapor, it takes the heat with it, thus leaving a vacuum of cooler air behind. That air then has to be heated all over again, and if the mister is still going then it provides a continuous loop of cooling air that regulates the temperature on your patio. Thus your customers get to stay cool through a simple, scientific principle in action.

Don't Let All Your Space Go To Waste

It seems like the summers start earlier, and get hotter, than they ever have before. That means the narrow window where people are comfortable sitting outside is getting even narrower. Because while people want to enjoy the open air, and the sunshine, they don't want to try to eat while exposed to the elements. So what you need to do is craft a situation that lets them have their cake, and eat it too. Metaphorically speaking, if not literally. It's important to make sure your exterior space receives the same kind of care and thoughtful design as your interior space does. Your customers will thank you, and if you're really fortunate, you'll have people clamoring for the patio tables even in the warmest weather.