Find Refuge from the Sun with Patio Umbrellas From Cool-Off
Outdoor patio and water feature shaded by an umbrella. You've invested in that beautiful outdoor space, now you can better extend its use throughout the seasons with our patio umbrellas. Translucent fabrics filter light while bouncing many of those unwanted UV rays back out into the atmosphere. Find refuge from the sun with one of Cool-Off's patio umbrellas.

Umbrella Frames

Select the frame that suits your style even as it addresses your need for serious functionality. We offer aluminum, fiberglass and wood umbrella frames. Consider the advantages of each as you make your selection. Aluminum patio umbrellas offer more possibilities for opening and closing - remote control, crank, pulley, quick lift and manual lift. Flexible tilting options are available - push-button, automatic and full rotation. Weather-resistant finishes include laminated, anodized and powder-coated options. Aluminum designs are attractive to those who value style, because you'll find an excellent selection of different finishes. Fiberglass patio umbrellas are the strongest of all, yet they are lightweight and long-lasting. Strong fiberglass ribs respond well to wind gusts, and they can last 4-5 times longer than their aluminum and wood counterparts. The poles and frames of wood patio umbrellas are typically fashioned from hardwoods like ash or teak that are naturally water and insect-resistant. Hardwood ribs are durable, but they do not flex in windy conditions like fiberglass ribs do. They are easily replaced if they ever break, however. If tilting is important to you, consider patio umbrellas with aluminum frames. Restaurant outdoor patio with large umbrellas providing shade.

Umbrella Fabrics

When our customers request Sunbrella Umbrellas, they are specifying an umbrella canopy made with the Sunbrella fabric made by Glen Raven. Sunbrella fabrics are used in many settings. You'll find them in use on boats and at marinas, as well as on awnings, casual outdoor furniture and patio umbrellas. Our Glen Raven designs come from a company that has been manufacturing awnings since the latter part of the 19th century. Sunbrella fabrics are superior for a number of reasons. The 100-percent acrylic fabric is solution-dyed for a truly fade-resistant look you'll enjoy for years. If you value UV protection, you'll want to know that the Sunbrella fabric is 98-percent UV-resistant. A water-repellant finish holds up to rain and wind even as it resists mold and mildew. Olefin fabrics represent an inexpensive option that still addresses your need for shade. These fade-resistant fabrics require little care, and they'll perform well for years. Even the brightest colors will retain their hue over time. Importantly, they are also abrasion and stain-resistant. Our patio umbrella options are endless. Offset designs make it easy to relax with numerous family and friends without having a pole in your line-of-sight. They are also ideal for use over hot tubs. Use our umbrellas to cover large pool, patio or porch areas. Our FIM flexy aluminum models cast filtered shade right where you need it. Should the need arise, protect your investment in an umbrella pole and frame by simply replacing the canopy with one of our stylish yet durable options. At Cool-Off, we specialize in offering our residential, commercial and industrial customers “Everything Cool Under the Sun.” Homeowners, restaurants, hotels and other businesses use our cooling solutions in many states, including, but not limited to those in the South, Southeast, Southwest and the East and West Coasts. We look forward to serving you!