Get More Time Outside This Summer with Our Portable Misting Fans & Tents
The hot summer temperatures in your area will drive you inside or in the pool, but you can stay outside using the special misting fans and misting tents created for home use. You have seen large misting systems at sports stadiums, but these systems are designed for home use. You may place a portable misting fan in your backyard, and all your guests will rest in cool comfort during your summer parties. This article explores how these fans work, how to set up the tents and when to make best use of these systems. #1: What Is A Misting Fan? A large misting fan using air power to blow cool water vapor over a large area. The fans alone are several feet in diameter, and you may adjust the speed of the fan to meet your needs. The lowest setting on each fan will calmly blow water vapor in your face, and the highest setting on the fan will blow the mist over a large area. You may cover a small backyard with just one fan, or you can blow the water vapor into an enclosed deck. Misting fans are attached to a water tank that creates a mist while the fan operates, and the mist is blow in the general direction of the fan. Oscillating misting fans are extremely helpful when you are trying to keep a large area cool, and a desk size fan will keep you cool as you read on your deck. Consider the size of the space before purchasing your fan, and you can sit outside for much longer periods of time. #2: What Is A Misting Tent? Misting tents are designed to capture the mist created by the fans you have purchased. A misting tent gives you a special getaway from the hot weather, and people who enter the tent will be bathed in a cool mist that is incredibly comfortable. The misting systems you purchase may hang the tent over an existing structure, or you may erect the frame that comes with your tent. Your family may have a tent adjacent to the pool for parties, or you may put out a tent for outdoor activities where people are subjected to burning rays of the sun for hours on end. A makeshift misting tent on your property will help you keep your guests comfortable when they do not want to sit outside for hours during a party, and you will keep all your guests outside the house during a party. It is difficult to manage people who are walking in and out of your house during a party, but everyone at the party will be happy to sit outside when they have a tent to sit under. #3: How Do You Set Up Misting Systems? The portable misting fan you use in your backyard or during your outdoor activity will help you keep people cool, but you must understand how to set up the system. The portable fans have their own power packs, and you fill the water tank with water. The fans will run for hours before being refilled, and you may plug in your fans to keep them going all day long. The consistent use of the fans helps people stay comfortable at all times, and you can put up these fans in a matter of a few minutes. The tent frame you purchase can be erected just like home storage units. You slide just a few parts of the frame together, and you place the tent cover over the frame. Your crew can set up the tent in just a few minutes, and you will only spend a few minutes tearing down the tent cover when you are done for the day. Your family may store the covers in the house, and tent frame can be stowed for your next event. #4: Why Are Portable Mist Fans Important? Portable mist fans help people remain cool when they are outside for several hours at a time. Heat stroke and sun stroke are very real problems that can overtake people at any time, but someone who is being cooled down by the misting tent will be able to relax for just a moment under the soft water vapor. Kids who are participating in marching band, outdoor sports and camping events will avoid heat stroke while in the tents, and the tents are relatively cheap. You may set up one of these tents at a party to avoid problems with your guests, and you will notice that people enjoy sitting under the fans. You are accommodating every guest with the soft mist produced by the fans, or you may place small fans on tables that blow right in your face. Everyone at your event will remain comfortable, and the fans will run for hours on end. #5: Joining The Fans To Other Products The cabanas and patio umbrellas work well with the cabana covers and patio umbrellas we offer. You may purchase an umbrella that perfectly matches a tent cover, or you may purchase a fan to slide inside your cabana cover. You may use the fans on their own, or you can combine every product to create a deck or patio experience that is completely unique. Your guests will remember how comfortable your deck was at the last party, and everyone will come back to experience the mist again. You are keeping people happy and comfortable at the same time. Your family will enjoy the incredible comfort offered by a cool mist in your background, and you may put up covers that contain the mist. Your guests can relax outside at a party for hours, and your family can come under the cover after spending time in the yard or pool. You must use something to help prevent overheating or heat stroke, and these mist fans help you remain comfortable during the hottest days of the summer. Your safety and comfort are catered for when you put up just one fan that blows a cool mist.