Welcome to October…the month of changing leaves, cooler temps and, of course, Halloween! If you’re thinking about decorating your home for this haunting occasion, one of the best tools you can use is a fog machine. It’ll add that extra touch of spookiness, and make your Halloween display the best in town! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Add fog to your chilling graveyard display. What’s a creepy cemetery without rolling waves of fog? Once you’ve got your yard decked out to the nines, add the perfect finishing touch by turning on the fogging system.

Give trick or treaters an extra scare. Set your fogging system near your front porch or doorstep, where trick or treaters will have to decide if they’re brave enough to pass through for some candy. Add a dash of spooky music to really complete the scene. (Just be careful if your porch has steps – they could become slippery.)

Turn your ordinary garage into a house of horrors. A dimly lit garage is a great spot for putting up some chilling decorations and really ringing in the holiday spirit (or spirits). Add some fog and you’ve got the perfect frightening scene. Garage displays are also great if the weather decides not to cooperate!

Strategize your lighting with your fog. Nothing adds to the haunting appearance of a rolling wall of fog more than good lighting. Experiment with some different lighting styles, colors and intensities until you find the perfect combination to really impress your guests and get your scare on.

Serve up some foggy punch. Ok, this one doesn’t involve the use of a fog machine, but it’s so fun we had to share! Place your punch bowl inside a larger bowl (or decorative cauldron if you can find one). Put a chunk of dry ice in a jar with a small opening, and place the jar in the cauldron, next to the punch bowl. Just before guests arrive, pour some warm water into the jar of dry ice and voila! Instant rolling fog over your drink bowl!

Halloween is such a fun holiday – especially when you go all in with your décor and your social gatherings. Using your fogging system can really pull everything together and add the perfect chilling special effect. Until next time, happy decorating and, as always….stay cool, my friends.

Photo credit: ShellyS via photopin cc