Social media is a great way to reach customers and prospective customers. In addition to sharing information about our products such as misting systems and patio heaters, we share tips for homeowners. We recently posted a question of the day on the Cool-off Facebook page asking how you decide which type of misting system you need and thought we would share some additional information here.

While the basic requirements for misting systems are similar, there are some distinct differences including the following:

  • Performance: As with any home or business improvement purchase, it is important to consider the performance of the misting system. We recommend a 1000 psi high pressure, keeping in mind commercial and industrial users will need a high pressure version.
  • Cost: While pumps vary in design, size and cost, you can determine your need by speaking to a Cool-Off customer service representative. If you have an existing system, you may also want to refer to the manufacturer requirements.
  • Tubing: Just as there are many options for misting systems and pumps, there are options for tubing as well. Some are designed for flexible tubing while others require a rigid version. The misting system design will more than likely help you determine the best tubing option.
  • Nozzles: Depending on the flow rate recommendation for your misting system, you will have a variety of nozzle options. A commercial environment in need of high humidity may require a different nozzle than a residential patio, for example.

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