How to Turn Your Misting Fan into a Smart-Home Automatic Misting Fan
Over the last two years, an incredible wave of innovation has taken both the business and private consumer worlds. The desire for IoT (Internet of Things) devices and smart-home automation has skyrocketed from minimal interest from only the nerdiest consumers to a worldwide desire for voice controlled wifi-gadgets. It started with the smart lights, both more energy efficient and controllable from a mobile app, quickly followed by things like the smart thermostat and integrated home security systems. With the introduction of the Google smart home assistant and the notorious Amazon Alexa along with smart home hubs that listen and talk to you, the nation went wild. We simply have to have smart-everything.

Smart Everything

What do we mean by everything? Surely there are some things that can't be made smart, right? Think again. There are already smart ovens and refrigerators, smart dog collars, smart egg cartons, and smart potted plants. There are smart coffee machines, printers, doorbells, and even smart trash cans that keep track of what you have thrown away and tell you when to take out the trash. But what about things that haven't been made smart yet, like, for instance, your misting fan?

Reasons to Have a Smart Misting Fan

Why do you want a smart misting fan? Well, to start with, just having a misting fan is pretty cool. A smart-home automated one can surprise your guests with cool bursts of mist or be programmed to provide regular misting throughout a hot day. You can get your misted water slide wet early by telling your smart home hub to activate it while you're still grabbing towels and, perhaps most usefully, you can program your greenhouse misting fans to spray on a special schedule to ensure all your plants have exactly the right amount of mist. Of course, perhaps the best reason is simply because you can. After all, anything smart is cool these days and you can delight your friends with DIY smart devices with surprising ease.

How to Make Your Misting Fans 'Smart'

In the craze for the next coolest smart-thing, almost everyone has missed a simple DIY fact: You can make your own smart-appliances simply by using a wifi control outlet. They absolutely make both individual smart-outlets and smart power strips that can control each outlet individually by name (you provide the name) and programmatically with software like ITTT (If This, Then That)
  • Buy a Smart Outlet
  • Configure the Outlet
    • Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to connect the outlet to your smart home and name it something memorable and easy to say like "Misting Fan"
  • Plug Your Misting Fan into a Smart Outlet
  • Manually Turn Your Misting Fan 'On'
    • Set the physical switches to be on and spraying
  • Use the Smart Home to Control the Misting Fan
Once your misting fan is set up through a wifi-controlled outlet, your smart home can decide whether or not the fan gets power to run. This means that you can use vocal controls to turn the fan on and off or use programmatic software to schedule mistings for your plants. It really is as simple as using a single device that works between the power supply, the fan, and the smart home. With this technique, technically you can 'smarten' anything that works with a simple on/off state. If you like electronic projects, you can also install an in-line wifi power switch by cutting the cable and connecting the control unit along the cord itself. For more neat tips and tricks for using your misting fans creatively all year long, contact us today!