Improve Customer Experience with Patio Umbrellas & Cabanas
Every business wants to flourish, that much is obvious. From employing a customer-friendly staff to keeping your product/service fresh and relevant, any edge you can gain is of the utmost importance. But with that said, once you've attracted a potential buyer, how do you plan to keep them there? What will keep them coming? Options are wide and various if you're a business owner. Competition is fierce, so make sure you stand out and enhance customer experience. How so? Consider an aesthetic and practical enhancement! Commercial patio umbrellas and resort cabanas.

Why Patio Umbrellas and Resort Cabanas?

Who doesn't like some shade on a hot day? A place to relax with friends? We all know the practical benefits, but here is something else to consider: Humans are creatures drawn to a pleasing image. In fact, according to a study done by the Department of Industrial Design at Chang Gung University, there is a direct link in humans which "clearly show that product appearance plays a significant role in consumer responses to consumer products (such as watches) through its influence on consumer emotions." And it doesn't end there. Besides affecting how they see a product, their spending habits will also shift as a result. Take for example Dr. Lana Castro, a marketing researcher, and her observations on how a business presents itself. According to her, customers were essentially less likely to buy products when there were only a few left on the shelves, looking disorganized or somehow out of place. She reiterated that their appearance gave off a sense that there was something wrong with them; as if they were contaminated -- which they, of course, were not. Whether it's product branding, or simply improving the style, look and overall feel of your business' environment, it would be wise not to take for granted the effect a pleasing image, or scene, that a beautiful cabana or patio umbrella can have on your customers and their spending habits.

What Patio Umbrellas or Resort Cabanas are Best for My Business?

Good question! Lucky for you, the professionals at Cool-Off have a variety of practical, and aesthetically pleasing umbrellas and cabanas for your business. Here are a few, their highlighted benefits, and how they may appeal to your customers:


  • FIM Umbrellas: Any and all FIM umbrellas highlight a chic European style, while also offering versatility for any tough and rugged weather that the elements may provide. A regular shape, there are a variety of choices, and colors available that will allow you to mix and match for the perfect color scheme. They're also easy to install and maintain. Simply hose off any outdoor debris from your umbrella, and you're good to go.
  • FIM Flexy Series: The Flexy Series is unique in that it offers up a stylish tilting canopy that's able to move around to your preference, as well as a string closing and opening system for an added simplicity of use.
  • P-Series and C-Series: These patio umbrellas are of the more circular type, complete with crank opening designs that are hassle-free and easy for anyone to use. Our Flexy Series outdoor umbrellas come in either stainless steel or aluminum and are complete with a 360-degree rotation functionality. Move our umbrellas anywhere for an easy experience, and to keep the sun out of your eyes! The Flexy Series maximizes shade, without sacrificing appearance.

Outdoor Cabanas

All this talk of umbrellas; let's not forget the beautiful cabanas! Cool-Off offers 4 different styles to meet your business needs:
  • The Resort Cabana
  • The Pool Cabana
  • The Playa Blanca Resort Cabana
  • The Kaanapali Pool Cabana
Each Cabana is offered in several different colors to tailor to your needs, and are often best featured on beach front properties, backyards, restaurants, or outdoor-festivals. Cool-Off cabanas are built for the elements. Similar to our umbrellas, these versatile cabanas are able to handle high-speed winds or rain. You can stay worry-free because our outdoor cabanas will get the job done. Do you, your business, and your customers a favor. Keep them coming for some fun under the shade, and call us at 800-504-6478 for more information on a new cabana, patio umbrella, and more outdoor accessories.