Keeping Your Fast Food Play-Place Cool and Inviting All Year Round
Common american indoors playgroundOne of the major draws of a well built and child-friendly fast food restaurant is the play place. Kids often beg their parents to go just for the opportunity to burn off their burgers, sodas, and chocolate shakes by running around, climbing through, and sliding down the features of your unique and colorful equipment. Able to get their food and settle in quickly, parents are also big fans of the fast food play-place as it gives them the opportunity to kick back with a book, music, or work on their mobile devices while their kids expend some energy. However, if your play-place is outdoors in a region that can really heat up, even a shady awning might not be enough to keep the play area from becoming discouragingly hot over the summer. Fortunately, there's a cool and inviting answer to this problem that requires a minimum amount of effort and investment, making it the ideal fast food style solution.

How Misting Nozzles Work

What's the most simple and elegant way to pull heat out of the air and enjoyably combat overheating? The answer is a light water mist sprayed throughout your play area. To do this, all you need is a few long hoses or hollow bars with the equivalent function lining our outdoor seating and play-place, most easily positioned directly under the awning or in corners. Attached to the hoses or bars are small nozzles that disperse a fine mist over the area when turned on. Each droplet of water captures ambient heat out of the air and pulls it down to the ground where it can disperse safely. The water can also settle on the skin of children and parents eating and playing outside which effectively also pulls heat out of their bodies and evaporates it away as each tiny droplet quickly dries.

Cooling Your Play Area

Your play area is already made of many structural beams, bars, and awnings to which you can affix little-misting nozzles. With even a single nozzle, kids will flock to the spray zone in order to play in the mist and cool off between rounds through the play-place, but you can provide a lot more than a single nozzle location. Every structural point is another opportunity to create a misting area and you can even put them inside the play-place itself to reduce the heat of kids who like to camp in there. Tunnel entrances are a great place, and a nozzle at the top of a slide can add just a hint of water-slide action without getting the kids soaked.

Misting for the Parents

Kids aren't the only ones who like to stay cool in the summer sun. Their parents usually sit outside while they play in order to keep an eye on them and would certainly enjoy a cooler environment while they do so. You can make play-place time much more pleasant for the adults involved by targeting your misting nozzles up and over the tables. This makes outdoor dining a relaxing experience even for people who don't have kids and you may find your outdoor tables filling up more than you expected once the misting solution is installed.

Appealing to Walk-Ins

For everyone that makes plans ahead of time to head out to a fast food restaurant, there are just as many walk-ins and impulse meals. After all, that's part of the fast food appeal. If you're located in a hot place with lots of foot traffic, a few misting nozzles on the outside of the play area sharing your cooling solution with the sidewalk are a great way to draw people inside for a nice lunch and a respite from the heat either in your AC or outside in your pleasantly cool outdoor dining area.