Lengthen Your Resort's High Season with Patio Umbrellas & Cabanas

Resorts in warm, sunny climates are the perfect place to spend the winter, but tourists are always looking for exciting destinations all year round. For many resort owners in winter destinations, summer means lower crowds and limited use of your stunning resort grounds. Fortunately, it's easy to extend your high season with patio umbrellas and cabanas. Make your resort a cool, shady retreat all year long with Cool-off's patio umbrellas and cabanas. Specifically designed for commercial use, these are a luxurious addition to your beautiful resort. Get more visitors in the low season with this fantastic solution.

Improve resort occupancy Although high season brings lots of visitors, low season leaves lots of room for improvement. For example, Scottsdale, AZ's lodging report stated, "Hotels in the Scottsdale/Paradise Valley Market area experienced an occupancy rate of 67 percent in 2014." That leaves quite a bit of room for improvement, and the most difficult time for resorts is in the hot summer months. Extending the travel season is an easy way to draw in more visitors to your sunny destination. Patio umbrellas are a great way to create more shade, providing comfortable outdoor spaces for guests. However, standard patio umbrellas often provide limited shade depending on the time of day. Get the perfect shade angle all day with our premium patio umbrellas. Unlike typical shade options, these designer umbrellas are easy to adjust to the perfect angle. You'll get the right amount of shade all day long, ensuring your customers can enjoy eating on the patio or lounging in the shade near the pool for hours.

Year-round golf  If your award-winning golf course draws visitors, providing shade is the perfect way to make visitors comfortable in the hotter months. Resort cabanas are the perfect way to create a comfortable climate for golfers. Set them up at strategic points along the course. These are the perfect places to wait while others tee off. Your customers will enjoy golfing even in the warmer months when they can take breaks in the shade. Our resort cabanas withstand up to 60 mile-per-hour winds so you can set them on the golf course for worry-free shade, even in the desert.

Beachfront resorts Resort cabanas are also the perfect way to enjoy the beach on a hot summer day. Instead of baking in the sun, rent out cabanas and let your guests relax in their own private shade. With a strong stainless steel frame and a double powder coat, these provide shade and stand up to any weather conditions so ocean breezes and sand won't damage them. With more than 50 colors available, it's easy to match the theme of your resort with these beautifully designed cabanas.

Improving your shade For very hot climates, you might want to extend the season even further. A misting system is a perfect way to draw summer visitors to your outdoor spaces. Combine this with the shade from your patio umbrellas, and you've created the perfect retreat for year-round visitors. With this amazing form of outdoor climate control, you'll extend your resort season and draw visitors even in the hottest months. Since they can truly enjoy all the wonderful things your resort has to offer, you'll keep them coming back year after year.

If you're ready to extend your season and draw visitors all year round, our patio umbrellas and resort cabanas are the perfect solutions. With plenty of shade, visitors can truly enjoy the outdoors, even in the warmest months. Fill your rooms throughout the year with satisfied customers who benefit from your attention to detail. It's the perfect way to set your resort apart from the rest. Not only will your customers avoid sunburns and heat-related issues, they'll truly enjoy their summer vacation regardless of the outdoor temperature.