Make Your Back Yard Great Again!
We don’t know about you, but we’re relieved that the race for the white house is finally over and we can all take this opportunity to cool off for a bit. With most of the country still dealing with end of summer heat, we’ve been making videos to help you see how your back yard or outdoor event can benefit from all our amazing misting and shade gear… Our high pressure fogging systems are extremely popular around the end of the year, perfect for grottos and anywhere you want to add a cooling fog, these systems now include our newest high pressure misting pumps. If you’re looking for something that takes a lot less effort to setup but provides a cooling mist wherever you need it, check out our misting fan conversion kit. Simply plug it into any standard water supply faucet or hose, then attach to any fan larger than 18 inches and presto, you just turned your regular old $40 fan, into a misting fan that’s sure to keep you and your guests cool. Keeping cool doesn’t need a water source though, setting up a shade sail can be done as a permanent installation or a temporary one. Most of the shade sails we sell are actually set up and taken down every weekend through the summer at little league games across America. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from having a permanent oasis in your back yard too! Let us help you stay cool and we'll earn your business every time the sun comes out. As always, stay cool my friend!