Misting Fans: Commercial, Personal Uses During Storm Season And Beyond
If you think it's only hot outside, consider what happens when it gets hot inside (your body):
  • Under extreme heat conditions, the human body begins the shutdown process in less than an hour. The heart and kidneys fail as the body is unable to regulate its internal temperature.
  • At 104 degrees F. heat exhaustion starts, with symptoms including muscle aches, dizziness, nausea, severe thirst, and agitation.
  • At 105 degrees F. the heat stroke process begins, and the symptoms increase: convulsions, vomiting, loss of consciousness, and rapid heartbeat.
  • At 107 degrees F. irreversible organ damage is underway.
Along with adequate hydration and frequent breaks from heat exposure, providing a misting fan system is the difference between a normal day and a long time in the emergency room. Here are eight ways to use a misting fan or misting tent system:

Commercial uses:

Hurricane or tornado territory dwellers

First responders working to restore electricity and other physical infrastructure need a place to cool off, and after a devastating storm, no hotels, homes or other facilities are available. Adequate shade trees are not available due to landscape damage. But a source of water from a pump truck or garden hose provides sufficient pressure to operate our misting fan systems. Our portable systems move with crews, and tents as large as 10' x 20' accommodate large groups of workers.

Construction sites

Dust, dirt and other debris sticks to workers' skin, and working conditions inside and out frequently prevent the use of air conditioning. A misting system reduces dust and enables workers to take breaks without leaving the job site, stay comfortable and concentrate on their jobs.

Fairs, festivals, concerts, community gatherings

A misting tent at concerts, art shows, running and triathlon events, and community festivals adds the benefit of comfortable and shaded seating and a spot for vendors to set up and sell to a cooled-off and "captive" audience. Add incentive for vendors and provide misting fans for their booths at an additional charge.

Parks, restaurants with patio seating and the beach

Park and beach users appreciate a place to sit down, clean off and cool off under a misting fan. Restaurants increase their usable space and profits with a mist-cooled patio area; customers come in more often, stay longer and order more when they're comfortable.

Personal uses:

Athletic practice for kids and adults

Babies and children sweat less than adults, and their bodies do not regulate temperature the same way; heat stroke and heat exhaustion occur more quickly. A misting fan system at athletic events keeps players and spectators safe and cool.

Pool, patio and backyard areas

Increase the value of your home with a misting system and provide year-round use of the patio and backyard areas. Instead of living inside during the hottest months of the year, misting makes your outdoor space as livable as your indoor space.

Work somemist some

Give yourself a break from the heat while doing yard work, painting the house, sealing the driveway or cleaning the roof. Instead of these chores taking days or requiring extra hands, regular breaks under a misting fan keeps you cool and energetic to the end.

Outdoor fundraising events

With the school year underway, parents look to car washes, bake sales, lemonade stands, plant and flower sales and holiday bazaars for money to fund extracurricular activities. Many fundraisers take place outdoors and last for hours. Attract attention with a misting tent and call it the "spritz while you shop" stop! The tent also provides a break for those hardworking, fundraising teens and kids. Misting fans offer a safe place for your kids, workers, customers, and community to cool off.