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  1. The Coolest Food Trucks have Misting Fans

    The Coolest Food Trucks have Misting Fans
    food truck misting fanAs entrepreneurs whose livelihood depends on pleasant outdoor conditions, food truck owners know the importance of being prepared for the heat. All around the country, even as the days shorten and the nights cool, fall harvest festivals, outdoor music events, farmer's markets and state fairs still find themselves caught out in the sun. Fall is a great time to park a rolling gourmet kitchen near these events and bring in new customers and regulars. But not every venue provides a shady corner for vendors, and many (think farms and ranches) lack even a single tree in the vicinity. An awning is helpful, of course, for those customers at the front of the line, but providing cool areas for those waiting in line is very difficult, especially when every inch of space inside the truck is already spoken for
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  2. Rock the Fall Farmers Market with a Cooling Mist

    Rock the Fall Farmers Market with a Cooling Mist

    Fall is upon us and so too is the peak season for farmers market shoppers. While you may have been setting up your booth all year round, local shoppers know that if they want the freshest autumn produce and a plethora of carving pumpkins to choose from, it's time to head out to the fall farmer's market. Of course, though we may be debating Halloween costumes and practicing our pumpkin pie recipes, not all regions have a cool autumn. If you live down south where Halloween night can be well above 70 degrees, you know that your fall farmers market crowd is a hot one. Lemonade sales and shady places are still incredibly popular and stands that offer an opportunity to cool off also tend to bring in more business.

    Customers With Cooling

    Whether you sell bouquets of fresh peppers or grill up delicious little sausages for a mid-shopping nosh
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  3. Keeping Your Fast Food Play-Place Cool and Inviting All Year Round

    Keeping Your Fast Food Play-Place Cool and Inviting All Year Round
    Common american indoors playgroundOne of the major draws of a well built and child-friendly fast food restaurant is the play place. Kids often beg their parents to go just for the opportunity to burn off their burgers, sodas, and chocolate shakes by running around, climbing through, and sliding down the features of your unique and colorful equipment. Able to get their food and settle in quickly, parents are also big fans of the fast food play-place as it gives them the opportunity to kick back with a book, music, or work on their mobile devices while their kids expend some energy. However, if your play-place is outdoors in a region that can really heat up, even a shady awning might not be enough
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  4. How to Turn Your Misting Fan into a Smart-Home Automatic Misting Fan

    How to Turn Your Misting Fan into a Smart-Home Automatic Misting Fan

    Over the last two years, an incredible wave of innovation has taken both the business and private consumer worlds. The desire for IoT (Internet of Things) devices and smart-home automation has skyrocketed from minimal interest from only the nerdiest consumers to a worldwide desire for voice controlled wifi-gadgets. It started with the smart lights, both more energy efficient and controllable from a mobile app, quickly followed by things like the smart thermostat and integrated home security systems. With the introduction of the Google smart home assistant and the notorious Amazon Alexa along with smart home hubs that listen and talk to you, the nation went wild. We simply have to have smart-everything.

    Smart Everything

    What do we mean by everything? Surely there are some things that can't be made smart, right? Think again. There are already smart ovens and refrigerators, smart dog collars, smart egg cartons, and smart potted plants. There are smart coffee machines,
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