Misting System Breakthrough - Shift the Climate with our State of the art 2020 model misting pumps featuring app control and 50% noise reduction

Cool-Off, LLC is proud to announce its revolutionary breakthrough in misting technology. We now have available an app controlled high pressure misting system that is the first of its kind!

The app is easily downloaded to any smart phone or tablet by simply logging into the Google Play or Apple iTunes Store. Once downloaded, the custom designed app allows users to control and operate the pump manually or with the state of the art “touch key’ technology. 

Users can now control the pump from the touch of a cell phone and set the timer and length of run time to their exact specifications.  It can also relay a signal that tells the pump to mist at any desired intervals.  

Speak another language other than English?  No problem....  Our “Touch Key” app is so advanced it even allows you to control the system in 9 different languages!

The best part: 2020 Cool-Off High Pressure Misting Pumps are dramatically quieter than any other pump on the market.  Up to 50 percent quieter than any other high pressure pump on the market and weighs a petite 23 pounds.

Designed for up to 60 foot length misting, the pump is also available as a stainless steel snap together system with nozzles spaced every two feet. A homeowner can now easily install his or her system himself.  The pump has a carrying handle and is fully enclosed with its own cooling fan for longevity.

The triplex (3 piston) unit is protected from overheating due to lack of incoming water pressure with a solenoid valve.


Another first from Cool-Off ™, where our mantra is “Everything Cool Under the Sun”.