Misting Tents Make Summer Landscaping Survivable
As summer rolls around, the days get hotter, the sun gets more intense, and everyone is tempted to take afternoons off just to beat the heat. Unfortunately, lawns don't stop growing just because it's too hot to go out there and mow them. From the public parks to your private lawn, the brave landscaping teams that work through the summer months have a tough job ahead of them: not getting heat stroke while pushing heavy lawn mowers up and down sun-drenched fields. There are, in fact, an unfortunately large number of heat related illnesses and landscapers are constantly at risk. The good news is that as technology marches forward, a solution for everything eventually appears, and misting tents are a great way to help protect sun-exposed professional landscapers from the harmful effects of heat and dehydration.

The Misting Tent Solution

As the sun beats down on you, your skin and body temperature go up. The skin gets dry and hot, and your internal temperature can be artificially raised to fever levels if not allowed to cool periodically. The purpose of sweat is to evaporate and take some your extra body heat with it, but often sweat is not enough to combat ninety plus degree days. This is why you often see sweaty athletes pour water over their heads, to assist the heat-removing evaporation effect. Misting tents follow the same principle, providing a shaded area protected from the sun and clean water nozzles mounted at each corner to fill the tent with a cooling mist. Overheated workers resting in the tent will be able to escape the driving sun and easily lower their internal body temperatures back down to a safe level.

Hydration Station

Another primary way that heat can harm you is by causing dehydration. When your body is working overtime to produce a cooling layer of sweat, that's where all your internal water goes. However, when you're rushing to complete your work quickly and efficiently, it's easy to forget to drink enough water. To keep your employees safe from heat stroke and your company safe from HR complaints, why not place a convenient hydration station inside the mist tent? With regularly schedules cooling breaks, you won't have to continuously remind anyone to avoid dehydration. Your landscaping teams will practically luxuriate in five to fifteen-minute breaks cooling down in the refreshing mist with cups of lemonade before getting back to their noble task of tending summer greenery.

A Comfortable Home-Base

Set your misting tent up next to the equipment, so that when each team member finishes a task or comes back in for a new tool, they can cool off and take a drink on the way through. Regular cooling and hydrating periods are key to minimizing the negative effects of sun exposure because it prevents the sun from ever raising core body temperature above the critical level, and helps you maintain a functional internal water level. With this policy, you may be surprised at the increase in efficiency when the reward for speedy completion is a few extra moments of cool mist and a cup of icy lemonade. This summer, beat the heat by fighting it with the ancient human tools of shade and water put together in a really clever way. People have been using similar methods for centuries to fight heat waves, but never before has it been so easy to lower your body temperature and take a relaxing breath in the middle of a hot summer day. Take the best possible care of your landscaping team and dodge potential HR complaints with shady and delightfully cool misting tents, and don't forget the sunscreen.