Our Misting Fans & Misting Systems Are The Answer to Your Summer Heat Wave
If you are like many other people across the country, you do not need to turn on the news to know that heat waves are plaguing the nation. You may only have to step outside to feel the intense, stifling heat overwhelm you. In many locations, the heat is so oppressive that people will spend most of the days during the summer indoors and may only venture outdoors when the temperature lowers at night. Others, however, have found a great way to beat the heat without being cooped up indoors all summer long through the installation of misting systems and misting fans. While summer may be coming to an end, you can continue to stay cool for the rest of the season and can prepare for the inevitable summer heat wave next year by investing in cooling fans and systems for your patio space. What Are Misting Systems? There are cooling systems available for both residential and commercial use, and these vary by their size, power and capabilities. They can just as well be used on a backyard patio as they can on a restaurant patio dining area or an office building courtyard. These are special systems that generally feature a hose, nozzles and other features that ultimately generate a cool mist that can significantly lower the temperature in the area. In fact, many cooling systems are so effective that they can lower the temperature by as much as 20 to 30 degrees. This can essentially transform a hot and even unbearable environment into a pleasant, inviting one. What Are Misting Fans? Misting fans are another way to beat the heat for the next summer heat wave. These utilize unique misters that are attached to a fan. While a mister system is designed to surround the perimeter of a patio area or another similar area and shoots mist downward, a fan is used to project the mist throughout the area to cool it. The power of the fan will relate to the amount of air that is circulated as well as the amount of mist that is created by the system. Depending on the type of outdoor area that you want to cool with your fan or system, you may find that one is far more beneficial than the other. How Easy Are They to Install? Both the fans and the mister systems are very easy to install. With a fan, you simply connect one side of the hose to a Y splitter, and the other side is fed through the fan. You use a zip tie to secure the misting line in place, and you turn the water and the fan on. You should hang the fan up with an included mounting system. If you choose to invest in a misting system, you will secure the nozzles to the hose, and you will suspend the hose to the perimeter of the area that you want it to cool. You may consider measuring the area first to ensure that you purchase the right size of system for your needs. Then, you attach your water supply to the hose, turn the hose on and enjoy the cool mist that filters down. Are There Other Ways to Use These Cooling Systems? When many people think about mounting a fan or a mister, they think about hanging the components to the covered roof of an outdoor patio or veranda. While this is one option available to you, it is not the only one. In fact, you can also suspend these features over any other type of outdoor features you have. Some people, for example, will dress up their patio space with patio umbrellas or cabanas. These are popular features in both residential and commercial settings because they provide much-needed shade during a summer heat wave, and many are also decorative in their design. When you attach a mister or fan system to these features, you can create a truly relaxing, inviting climate. In fact, you may find that you and others are drawn to these areas on hot summer days rather than be inclined to stay indoors. When Should You Purchase a Cooling System? After you have learned about the incredible benefits that the different types of cooling systems can provide as well as how versatile and functional they are, you may decide that you want to invest in a cooling system right away. However, you may also wonder when the best time is to buy one of these systems. While you can easily invest in a cooling system any time of year, a great time to save money on your purchase is toward the end of the summer season as well as in the off-season. These cooling systems may be discounted during this time, and this means that you may be able to purchase an upgraded system at a fraction of the regular cost. How Do You Decide Which Type of System to Purchase? There are several models of cooling systems that you may be taking a closer look at as you prepare to make your purchase, and you may wonder what factors are most important when making this decision. First, you should measure the square footage of the space that you need to cool. Then, think about the different types of mounting features that are available with the various systems, and consider the mounting features that would be best for your needs. You may consider if you want to purchase a full misting tent, a fan, or any other features that are available with cooling systems. If you want to surround a space with cool mist, suspended or mounted misters may be ideal. If you want to circulate mist outward, a fan may be more well-suited. You can also consider combining various systems and features if your needs are more significant. By learning more about the different features and systems available, you can more easily invest in the system that is right for you. Few people want to spend time outdoors when the air is oppressively hot, but you can easily transform a miserably hot environment into a cool oasis that is a true pleasure to spend time in when you invest in a cooling system. If you are looking for a great way to beat the heat and to improve your home or commercial space, take time to learn more about various cooling systems and their optional features today. With some systems and features currently on-sale with end-of-season promotions, this is a great time to make a purchase.