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  1. 5 Uses For Misting Fans To Keep Your Summer Cool

    5 Uses For Misting Fans To Keep Your Summer Cool

    We've all seen misting fans before. These simple devices use tiny nozzles, high-pressure water, and basic science to create localized areas of cool air, which can help you beat the heat during even the more unreasonable temperatures. But while we see them on the patios at high-end restaurants, or on the sidelines during professional sports games, that doesn't mean these fans are only for the rich and famous. In fact, there are all sorts of uses you could put them to this summer.

    #1: Making Your Porch Bearable

    If you've got a porch or a patio, then the natural urge is to use it to enjoy some of that fresh air you're entitled to. But when the mercury rises, even sitting and reading a book can become a stifling, impossible activity. The idea of doing anything active, much less hosting a get-together with friends and neighbors, is ridiculous if you
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  2. 3 Reasons to Install a Misting Fan in Your Garage Workshop

    3 Reasons to Install a Misting Fan in Your Garage Workshop

    The hobbies and skills we choose to work on at home are often incredibly revealing about a person. Many people transform their kitchens into a semi-professional workspace for recreational cooking, others establish an office stacked to the ceiling with screens and computer parts but the one hobby that is perhaps the most popular and can be found in almost every garage in America is amateur mechanics and engineering. Whether you've been building working on the car or teaching yourself to carve wooden furniture, millions of people spend a few hours in their garage workshop almost every evening and sometimes work on projects through solid weekends. Of course, while it makes perfect sense to keep the power tools, gas lawn mower, and automotive gear out in the garage, it does mean that your workshop is less likely to be temperature controlled compared to the rest of the house.

    Workshops Always Get Hot

    When your workshop is in the garage or even a separate detached
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  3. 10 Steps to Choosing a Patio Umbrella that Will Enhance Your Resort or Outdoor Club

    10 Steps to Choosing a Patio Umbrella that Will Enhance Your Resort or Outdoor Club

    Patio umbrellas provide more than dependable protection from the sun's damaging rays. They also enhance the ambiance of your resort or outdoor club. With such an extensive selection of patio umbrellas available, it is helpful to have an organized approach to the shopping process. Below are ten steps to follow to ensure that you choose the perfect patio umbrella for your resort or outdoor club.

    1) Select the style of patio umbrella that best complements your outdoor environment.

    As you begin the shopping process, consider the layout of your resort's patio. Key factors to consider include the number of tables you wish to cover, the formality of your environment, and your budget. Once you have an idea of the style you wish to convey, you can begin browsing popular umbrella brands such as FIM, Shademaker, Jardinico, and Treasure Garden.

    2) Choose the canopy diameter

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  4. Cool Outdoor Play for Summer Daycare Programs

    Cool Outdoor Play for Summer Daycare Programs

    Just because the school districts have released children from their daily lessons for a few months doesn't mean their parents get time off at the same time. Daycares have been helping out busy parents for centuries by providing a safe and fun summer programs for their kids. While activities and outings are often separated by age, there's one thing all kids have in common: they love to play outside. In fact, they need the space and freedom to run in order to get enough exercise and burn enough energy not to bounce off the walls during quieter indoors activities. Unfortunately, in hot climates where outdoor temperatures can soar well above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it's not always safe to let kids play out in the heat as much as they'd like to. Keeping them hydrated and preventing them from overheating becomes a serious concern, but we have the solution. All you need to do is provide healthy thirst quenching beverages and a practical outdoor

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  5. Do Your Resort Patio Umbrellas Have Star Quality?

    Do Your Resort Patio Umbrellas Have Star Quality?

    Guests love to treat themselves to some al fresco time by the pool or enjoy a few holes on the green. These are unquestionably some of the most favorite choices for vacation relaxation and fun. Although fun in the sun has its pleasures, eventually guests will want to beat the heat with a bit of shade. Offering guests a luxury, star quality experience, resort cabanas and patio umbrellas simply must be constructed of the finest materials. Do your shady spaces measure up?

    Special Treatments:

    Luxury resort patio umbrellas and cabanas are designed to withstand the rigors of exposure to the elements. The finest patio umbrellas have sturdy frameworks of non-rust aluminum paired with high-quality fabrics featuring special treatments. Leaders in the luxury outdoor furniture industry use double powder coated paint to compliment the natural rust-resistance of aluminum.
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  6. Throw an Unforgettable Pool Party with a Misting Cabana

    Throw an Unforgettable Pool Party with a Misting Cabana

    Pool parties are one of the great luxuries of modern life. You can lounge and work on your tan or dive into the deliciously cool water for a few laps with your friends. Whether it's a birthday or just an excuse to get together and sip cool drinks with your feet in the water, pool parties are one of the few things that children and adults can both completely agree on. Hanging out by the pool is fun, relaxing, and a great way to unwind over the weekend between long weeks of work or school. Some people will spend almost the entire party actually in the water, swimming, playing water sports in the shallow end, or practicing their dive over and over again but in the grand scheme of things, most people prefer to lounge, chat with their friends, and snack on tasty treats rather than actually jump in. Of course, once the sun is hot enough to warm the water up to a nice toasty 80 F or so, it's gotten pretty sweltering out on the pavement. Most pool parties feature some form of shade for overheating

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  7. Making Shade: Patio Umbrellas And Cabanas For Your Club

    Making Shade: Patio Umbrellas And Cabanas For Your Club

    Consider these facts about work, hot weather, and your vacation:

    • Travel insurance adds 4 to 10 percent per person of the total cost of your vacation to your total price.
    • Travel insurance is not a one-plan-fits-all-needs program. Buying a policy to cover cancellation costs is one portion of the insurance, medical coverage is another and baggage loss and delay is a third example of a separate policy.
    • Adventure and active travelers beware: medical traveler insurance frequently excludes high-risk activities, such as scuba diving, mountain climbing, and bungee jumping.
    • Sixty-three percent of travelers say they or a traveling companion experienced a medical issue while on vacation, and sunburn/heat-related issues are one of the top concerns.
    • According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, outdoor employees need five
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  8. The Coolest Food Trucks have Misting Fans

    The Coolest Food Trucks have Misting Fans
    food truck misting fanAs entrepreneurs whose livelihood depends on pleasant outdoor conditions, food truck owners know the importance of being prepared for the heat. All around the country, even as the days shorten and the nights cool, fall harvest festivals, outdoor music events, farmer's markets and state fairs still find themselves caught out in the sun. Fall is a great time to park a rolling gourmet kitchen near these events and bring in new customers and regulars. But not every venue provides a shady corner for vendors, and many (think farms and ranches) lack even a single tree in the vicinity. An awning is helpful, of course, for those customers at the front of the line, but providing cool areas for those waiting in line is very difficult, especially when every inch of space inside the truck is already spoken for
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  9. Eliminate Human Resource Complaints with Workplace Cooling for All Situations In the Right Ways

    Eliminate Human Resource Complaints with Workplace Cooling for All Situations In the Right Ways

    open office spaceWorkplace Heat

    There's no doubt about the fact that one of the biggest hazards that employees face is heat. While heat is not the most discussed workplace hazard of all, it's certainly something that employees will notice the moment that the weather changes at some point during the summer months. Employers should consider all of the benefits of being able to eliminate human resource complaints with workplace cooling for all situations.

    Workplace Cooling Methods

    Some employers have tried to solve this problem by installing fans and air conditioners. However, air conditioning can be very expensive for all employers, and some of them try to limit their use of air conditioning for that reason. Air conditioning is also
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  10. Keeping Field Days Cool with Misting Tents

    Keeping Field Days Cool with Misting Tents

    Every active parent has been to at least one 'field day', a sports event often thrown for younger children allowing a day of friendly competition in a variety of events. Field day is a great way to get kids to run around and play hard, effectively getting their blood pumping to a cardio exercise level for several hours throughout the day. Events usually include things like sprints, relay races, sack races, three-legged races, tug-of-war, and hula-hoop contests. Kids schedule their events and practically leap from race to race, competing with classmates in teams and as individuals. Of course, with all this running around in the hot sun, children and parents alike need to make an effort to stay cool and one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to do this is with misting tents.

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