Patio Umbrellas & Cabanas for Your Resort: Using Them Year-Round

While tourists usually waver by seasons, your resort needs to keep going year-round to keep yourself profitable. Part of this should include improving your resort's aesthetics, especially when people spend time outdoors. Fall and winter are soon upon us, but your resort might reside in a place where you still receive sunshine. Have you thought about using patio umbrellas and cabanas to keep your guests protected? You might find several scenarios where they help protect your visitors from the sun. They also work the other way around if you happen to run your resort in rainy climates. Take a look at the types of patio umbrellas and cabanas you can buy, with many found at Cool-Off.

Covering Open Areas

Some parts of your resort may have wide open spaces where the sun poses a big problem. Everyone knows about sun dangers, even if some people may not worry about it when on vacation. Others may simply find the sun annoying, including light shining in their eyes or unwanted sunburns. It's time to provide some protection for your guests, whether in a dining area or around swimming pools. Using patio umbrellas is a good choice because they're easy to set up and don't obstruct from foot traffic. You can find styles like FIM patio umbrellas, which come in hexagonal shapes and easily tilt to different angles. These also rotate 360-degrees, making it easy to adjust as the sun moves. A cantilever umbrella, the support pole is also thin enough where it doesn't get in anyone's way.

Outdoor Dining Areas

Using patio umbrellas is a must if your resort has an outdoor dining area. When the sun continues being a problem year-round, using Shademaker patio umbrellas are a great choice thanks to a wider brim. Even better is they use materials that don't fade, no matter how much sun they take on. With possibly larger tables around your outdoor dining area, you'll appreciate Shademarker umbrellas covering wider space. These are also easy to customize to suit any situation with some umbrellas standing on legs and others on supporting bases. Others easily fit into a table hole to give a classic resort aesthetic. Canopy replacements are easy to buy, helping you keep your umbrellas in good shape if the previous canopy somehow becomes destroyed. If some of them become ruined in a massive windstorm, you can replace them fast.

Outdoor Cabanas for Resorts

For outdoor living spaces, many people love using poolside cabanas that look similar to an open tent. You should consider using one of these in your resort where you can create even more guest protection from the sun. You can use these beyond installing one by a pool. They're designed for beach use as well, something worth investing in if you're located along a popular coastline. As entertainment areas, cabanas are invaluable since you can set up bars or lounge chairs under them. It's a perfect spot for small groups to congregate to fully protect from the sun. At the same time, they're open on the sides for fresh air and natural light. Consider cabanas like Resort Cabanas that use Sunbrella fabric to prevent fading from the sun. These open on all four sides, making them perfect for use on beaches. The Playa Blanca cabana offers more customization to allow complete or partial privacy if using these for temporary events. For instance, conventions held at your resort would find a cabana very useful for private meet and greets. Keep in mind cabanas and patio umbrellas also protect from the rain, something to keep in mind when you operate your resort throughout the winter.

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