The Profitability of Cool Misty Dining All Year Round
During the cooler months of the year, many customers prefer the breezy luxury of patio dining at their favorite restaurant. Building a popular outdoor dining area involves a combination of shady privacy and appealing street view. When artfully done, customers on the sidewalk will look in and see how lovely your patio dining is while customers on the patio will feel exclusive and secluded at their shaded outdoor tables. However, during the hottest summer months, suddenly that lucrative patio space 'dries up' so to speak as customers dive for the AC cooled dining rooms. How can you keep some of your best seating open during the summer? The answer is to keep your patio cool with subtle and enjoyable misting.

How Misting Works

Misting is a delightful way to stay cool in hot, dry regions. Tiny nozzles hooked up to a hose or small attractive pipes spray a thin cloud of cool water into the air. When people are in the vapor zone, the water droplets settle onto their skin and evaporate, serving the same purpose as sweat while keeping everyone happy and comfortable. Amusement parks use the same method to keep their guests cool and the misting stations they place along the main pathways are always popular spots. For your restaurant, you can furnish the tables and corners of your patio with a heat suppressing mist that will bring down the overall temperature and help both your customers and staff stay cool as the sun blazes.

Creating a Shady Haven

The best way to enhance your misty patio dining is by creating deep, safe patches of shade for each table. On bright, sunny days, people are especially susceptible to the impression of shade under moist green leaves. People love to dine among hanging and potted plants the smell of growing things somehow enhances every meal. When you combine dark green awnings with broad-leaf patio plants, you can create a lovely natural ambiance that simultaneously reminds one of a cultivated garden and relaxing in a shady jungle. If your patio is visible from the street, others out in the sun will see your happy dining customers and be drawn into your shady luncheon specials.

A Subtle Mist

Once you have the customers in your patio dining area, surprise and delight them with subtly placed misting nozzles. This will not only bring down the temperature of the space and reduce everyone's need to sweat, it will also enhance your garden ambiance. Soon, people will forget why they're so comfortable on your patio, relaxing into their meals and conversations. It won't be until they hit the hot afternoon sun again that they will realize how much quality you produced with a few plants, awnings, and a little misted water in the air. It won't be long until the demand for summer patio dining catches up, and the rest of the year you could be booked out the door. If you want to keep your patio open and in demand, all you have to do is think about what your real problem is. During the hot summer days, people need to stay out of direct sunlight and spend time in cool, damp places that help them stay cool and hydrated. Misting is an amazing way to offer your customers something almost no other restaurant has, real consideration for their comfort. Almost everyone loves to dine outside and with a comprehensive shade and misting solution, you prevent your patio from baking and keep that outdoor dining crowd all year round. The profitability of an increasingly popular daytime retreat and extra seating throughout the summer is undeniable.