Reinvigorate Your Hotel Patio Dining with Cool Misting
When you're running a luxury hotel, every inch of your venue has been dedicated to guest comfort and relaxation, from the gourmet rooms service to the poolside dining. Your staff goes out of their way to fulfill every possible request and ensure each guest is having a wonderful time. While you may hand-mix drinks, bring up extra pillows, and considerately set thermostats, there is one thing that your expert hospitality staff cannot to: control the weather. As much as you would love to provide a balmy but comfortable 75 to 80 days, often during the summer months, the temperature gets much higher than that, driving your valued guests away from the outdoor amenities they'd otherwise love to enjoy. One of the biggest sacrifices made to the blazing summer sun in patio dining any other time of year.

Too Hot to Handle

The natural conflict, of course, is that summer is the most popular vacation time and yet your guests are driven away from nearly half of the space you've built for them to relax and recreate in. Even the pool may see diminished use because it's too hot to enjoy the deck chairs and poolside drinks. Dining takes a particularly heavy hit as a high ambient temperature is an almost guaranteed appetite killer, no matter how beautifully your patio is decorated or how thorough you've been about providing shade. Unfortunately, shade only goes so far when the air itself is holding an oppressive temperature. You may think you've tried everything from big umbrellas to wide awnings to industrial-sized fans, but none of these solutions are quite sufficient to make your patio dining appealing again. The truth is you're on the right track, you're just missing a key ingredient to the patio cooling combination: Misting.

What Your Patio is Missing

The problem with your current patio setup is that you have no way to actually reduce the heat. As long as the air temperature stays above 80, icy drinks will melt almost instantly and even in the shade, chairs and tables will be unpleasantly warm to the touch. What you need is a way to pull the heat out of the air and cool your guests at the same time, and we have just the solution. Misting puts thousands of tiny droplets of water into the air, capturing the heat and then pulling it to the ground thus effectively lowering the temperature of every area the mist touches. Running cool water through your misting system also provides a delightfully refreshing experience for your guests, cooling the skin and replacing some of the moisture they have lost through sweat and recreational exertion. When you combine shady awnings with a comprehensive misting system, your patio really will become the cool, breezy luncheon spot you designed it to be.

How Misting Works

As magical as it may seem to your guests, the mist doesn't appear out of nowhere. Small nozzles are mounted on elegant pipes which in turn connect to an outdoor spigot. This provides the water needed to create the mist, then the nozzles disperse it in tiny droplets into a gentle ambient cloud around your tables and guests. The cooler the water is from your tap, the more you will be able to bring down the temperature and cool your guests. Misting from above captures more heat from the air while nozzles placed below create a subtle cooling effect for your guests that won't intrude on their dining experience. With misting, your patio dining experience will become a rare treat, an island of cool and enjoyable outdoor dining when all other venues in the region are too hot to make use of their external tables. Of course, once misting has worked for your dining area, why not try it everywhere else the sun has taken over? Reinvigorate your outdoor attractions from patio dining to the poolside bar with cool misting.