Rock the Fall Farmers Market with a Cooling Mist
Fall is upon us and so too is the peak season for farmers market shoppers. While you may have been setting up your booth all year round, local shoppers know that if they want the freshest autumn produce and a plethora of carving pumpkins to choose from, it's time to head out to the fall farmer's market. Of course, though we may be debating Halloween costumes and practicing our pumpkin pie recipes, not all regions have a cool autumn. If you live down south where Halloween night can be well above 70 degrees, you know that your fall farmers market crowd is a hot one. Lemonade sales and shady places are still incredibly popular and stands that offer an opportunity to cool off also tend to bring in more business.

Customers With Cooling

Whether you sell bouquets of fresh peppers or grill up delicious little sausages for a mid-shopping nosh, if you can cool down your customers, they will gather, invite friends over, and ultimately end up buying more of whatever you have to sell them. The only question is how to make your tent a little cooler. Awnings and tents are always a good idea, but you probably have that covered already. Some people invest in giant fans and a few even enlist friends and relatives to create a breeze by waving signboards at each other. While these things all have a certain amount of effectiveness, there is one neat trick for cooling that will soon have your tent as a favorite stop for everyone in the market.

Misting Your Market Stall

Misting is an absolutely fantastic solution for any outdoor market, able to bring down the heat, cool off your customers, and can even be used to keep your produce nice and chilly as it waits to be purchased. All you need is a water source and a few misting nozzles which can be attached to the poles and cross-supports of your tent. The water pumps through little pipes or a hose, then disperses into thousands of little droplets, filling the air with cool moisture.

How Misting Cools You Down

When the droplets hit the hot air, they capture the heat and pull it to the ground, effectively lowering the temperature beneath your tent which is a boon in and of itself, but misting has even more to offer. The mist that settles on overheated skin draws the heat out and then evaporates just like sweat to cool down you and your customers. It even works on produce, just think of those glistening apples and carrots in the produce section of any grocery store. The reason stores use misting is because it helps keep the heat out of their fruits and vegetables. With misting, you not only have a more comfortably cool tent than your fellow merchants, you can also help your customers get rid of extra heat and any produce you sell will more easily maintain its crispness in the hot autumn air.

Bringing in the Business

Walking a hot farmer's market is a tiring endeavor. Shoppers often find themselves buying icy drinks and ducking from shady spot to shady spot. However, when they find that your particular shady spot is somehow cooler than those around you, it will be hard to leave. These lingering shoppers will spend more time considering your wares and may want to buy something for the sheer excuse to stay a little longer in your cool misty market stall. This is especially effective if you have a few tables and can serve them a light lunch. To find the perfect misting system for your farmer's market stall, contact us today!