1. Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Cabana


    We all love to have parties and enjoy the outdoors. What if you could make the most of your outdoor cabana in more than just the summer? The team at Cool-Off has come up with solutions to help you understand how you can do just that!

    Offer private parties to guests year round. Perfect for event venues, hotels, and resorts, outdoor cabanas create private space for parties, gatherings, and meetings, and protection from the weather. Add a misting system and your guests are cool and comfortable through the hottest of summer days. Add portable heaters and guests are warm through the coldest days of the year. It’s worth i

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  2. Tips for a Relaxing Backyard Barbecue

    backyard barbeque Having friends and family over for a relaxing backyard barbecue can be cause for a bit of stress for you as host. There is food preparation as well as grill and backyard preparation before guests arrive. To alleviate stress, ask guests to help. For example, they can provide games for the yard or pool. Here are tips for a relaxing backyard barbecue:
    1. Prepare food ahead of time: Slice the vegetables, marinate the meat and get the grill ready before guests arrive. You will be able to spend more time relaxing with guests.
    2. Have all the grill tools near the grill. Nothing worse than walking away for a peppermill or pair of tongs leaving the meat to burn.
    3. Games for all ages always make for a relaxing backyard barbecue. If you have a pool, provide games or ask guests
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