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  1. 3 Ways Hardscapers and Masons Beat the Summer Heat with High-Pressure Misting Fans

    3 Ways Hardscapers and Masons Beat the Summer Heat with High-Pressure Misting Fans
    Do you work outside all summer? It can be rough. But professions such as hardscaping and masonry have a positive side; they keep you in excellent shape, make it easy to get some color and, of course, are perfect for anyone who enjoys physical work. Whether you're a hardscaper or mason, you should be proud of your job. Why? Because you're a part of a unique group of today's workforce—one that appreciates the advantages of working hard with your hands. And what some people forget is that you can actually make an excellent living doing this type of work. Even so, there is one big downfall: the brutal summer sun. It can steal your energy, reduce efficiency and make it difficult to focus, increasing the likelihood of mistakes at the job site. But isn't this something every person working outside has always had to deal with? Yes—but not anymore! Now, more and 
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  2. Reduce Heat Stress and Suppress Dust with Industrial Cooling from Cool-Off

    Reduce Heat Stress and Suppress Dust with Industrial Cooling from Cool-Off

    For industrial leadership teams, managing worker heat stress and suppressing dust is a real problem. Manufacturers and agricultural workers also face challenges from low humidity and high heat. Fortunately, it's easy and cost-effective to reduce heat stress and suppress dust with the industrial grade products from Cool-off. Eliminate dangerous problems easily with our high-pressure misting systems and fans. Learn more about heat stress and dust suppression to see a few small changes could improve your workplace.

    Heat Stress

    What is heat stress?

    Many industry workers use heavy machinery that produces excess heat or work in outdoor facilities where heat is a big problem. When there is too much heat, the human body works harder to cool off. Employees who don't get enough water experience complications from dehydration, including fatigue, exhaustion, and even heat-related illness.

    How does heat stress impact my business?

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  3. Eliminate Human Resource Complaints with Workplace Cooling for All Situations In the Right Ways

    Eliminate Human Resource Complaints with Workplace Cooling for All Situations In the Right Ways

    open office spaceWorkplace Heat

    There's no doubt about the fact that one of the biggest hazards that employees face is heat. While heat is not the most discussed workplace hazard of all, it's certainly something that employees will notice the moment that the weather changes at some point during the summer months. Employers should consider all of the benefits of being able to eliminate human resource complaints with workplace cooling for all situations.

    Workplace Cooling Methods

    Some employers have tried to solve this problem by installing fans and air conditioners. However, air conditioning can be very expensive for all employers, and some of them try to limit their use of air conditioning for that reason. Air conditioning is also
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  4. A Fogging or Cooling System Can Help You Make the Most of Your Private or Commercial Oasis

    A Fogging or Cooling System Can Help You Make the Most of Your Private or Commercial Oasis

    If you are like most people, one of your favorite places to be is lounging beside a pool or your favorite watery oasis. You may have even spent a considerable amount of time and money to have one designed in your own back yard. Regardless of your reasoning or application, a Fogging System from can meet your needs. Cool-Off offers kits ranging from basic residential kits, to complex commercial space kits. Each available kit includes Cool-Off’s exclusive technology consisting of 1000 PSI premium pumps, nozzles, and fittings. Cool-Off also offers special fog riser which can add dramatic effects to any space including landscapes, pool areas, fountains, grottos, or just about any custom application.

    Pool Builders

    As a pool builder, the design and unique nature of the products you offer your client could mean the difference between having more clients than you have time to service, and only
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  5. Even a Cool-Off System Can't Control This Scorching Opportunity for America's Future Leaders in Innovation: Introducing the Cool-Off $1,000 Scholarship Program

    Cool-Off Announces $1,000 Scholarship Program for America's Future Leaders in Innovation Fort Worth, Tx., April 20, 2017- The Innovators of tomorrow are getting a helping hand today, and it's all thanks to a company from Fort Worth Texas. Beginning in the Fall of 2017, will give one lucky student per year, a scholarship of $1000 to be paid in the Fall semester. This scholarship is to assist with books, tuition, food costs, housing fees, or other expenses. The scholarship is intended to promote the company's belief that the students of today, will be the changers of tomorrow, and is putting its money in the same place as its mouth. Cool-Off's mission is to improve the lives of people everywhere
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  6. Stay Cool Dallas/Fort Worth, Cool-Off has Arrived

    Stay Cool Dallas/Fort Worth, Cool-Off has Arrived

    After many years in Houston, TX, we’ve moved our offices to the beautiful Dallas/Fort Worth area and have been creating great success with and for local businesses and residents alike. From helping hospitality businesses like the Sisu Boutique and Marisco’s Seafood Shack capitalize by keeping their patios open in otherwise preventative weather conditions to keeping the permanent and daily guests of the Dallas Zoo cool and comfortable, we’re proud to have the relationships we’ve had for years and look forward to meeting and working with more businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We’re excited to be in Dallas/Fort Worth and look forward to continuing to help businesses and residents of all sizes and from all backgrounds enjoy their outdoor space year round without having to “take the party inside” because of a little e

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  7. HUGE SALE on Our 24" Misting Fans Now, ONLY at

    Misting fans are all the rage for summer. However, with summer coming to a close, they're all going on sale. 24 inch misting fans from Cool-Off work amazingly well. Why should you get a misting fan? To start, misting in the environment can help keep you and your employees cool. In a business where your employees spend a lot of time outside, this could be the difference between a working employee and an employee in the hospital with heat stroke. The large area that many fans cover could be the difference between a full paycheck and hospital bills. If you don't have a business to run, misting fans still benefit you. The area on your porch that always seems to be ten degrees hotter can be cooled with something like a 24 inch misting fan. Not only will you create a breeze, but the mist itself will be dispersed around the area and help cool it off. Even if your porch stays fairly cool in the summer, it would be nice to make it a little cooler.
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  8. 20 Places to Use Cool-Off Commercial Cooling Products

    'Winston outdoor furniture - Camden Crossweave' photo (c) 2009, Winston Furniture - license:

    Our commercial cooling products including commercial fogging kits can be used at a variety of venues. From music festivals to landfills, these products provide dual purpose. They keep the crowd cool and can help cut down on dust and odors.

    Our fog risers and fog nozzles provide cooling and

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