Commercial & Personal Uses for Misting Fans: Keep Children Safe And Playgrounds Cool

As the weather warms up, kids spend more time outside. Even in this age of tablets and smartphones, with adults constantly shaking their heads about how much time kids spend staring at screens, playgrounds tend to be swarming with kids once springtime hits. However, when spring gives way to summer, and the temperatures soar, that can lead to some rather serious problems. How serious? Well, as Peaceful Playgrounds points out, kids tend to absorb more heat than adults do, and they sweat less in the process. So if a kid is out running around in the heat, climbing stairs, swinging on swings, and throwing themselves down a slide, they're going to heat up a lot faster than they would if they were a decade or so older. As a result, kids are much more prone to cramps, heat stroke, and other negative effects of high heat. Playground equipment can reach temperatures of more than 120 degrees during particularly

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