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  1. How to Promote Good Hydration during Children's Sporting Events

    How to Promote Good Hydration during Children's Sporting Events

    Kids are a constant source of energy, running and playing hard in spite of weather, circumstance, and temperature. In heat levels that would slow down most adults, children will happily gear up and play sports in the blazing sunlight. However, this boundless energy comes at a cost no child considers on their own. Playing, especially in the heat, can take up an impressive amount of water and it is all too easy for enthusiastic children to forget about staying hydrated to compensate for the amount of time they spend running around in the hot sunshine. This is especially true for children who play sports, dedicating hours of their afternoons and weekends to practicing and competing on open fields. One of the best things team parents can do together is to promote hydration during sporting gatherings and events.

    How We Lose Water

    The human body is made up of nearly 60% water and processes it in a lot of ways.

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  2. Top 5 Advantages of Using Misting Fans for Manual Labor Jobs this Summer

    Top 5 Advantages of Using Misting Fans for Manual Labor Jobs this Summer

    Though working outside has its perks—such as breathing fresh air, the enjoying nature, soaking in essential vitamin D, getting a tan, and staying in shape, all while making money—there's no denying that it has its downfalls; the biggest of which is severe heat stress. But most of these problems can be resolved using a misting fan at the job site. And that's why there's no need to sweat whether your crew may overheat during the hottest months of the year. Join us below as we explain five advantages of using misting fans for manual labor jobs this summer.

    Staying Cool & Productive  From landscaping, hardscaping, masonry and roofing to painting, carpentry, construction and paving, industrial high-pressure misting fans are perfect for any type of outdoor work. Because not only do they keep your workers cool, calm, and collected during a time of

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  3. Misting Fans: Commercial, Personal Uses During Storm Season And Beyond

    Misting Fans: Commercial, Personal Uses During Storm Season And Beyond

    If you think it's only hot outside, consider what happens when it gets hot inside (your body):

    • Under extreme heat conditions, the human body begins the shutdown process in less than an hour. The heart and kidneys fail as the body is unable to regulate its internal temperature.
    • At 104 degrees F. heat exhaustion starts, with symptoms including muscle aches, dizziness, nausea, severe thirst, and agitation.
    • At 105 degrees F. the heat stroke process begins, and the symptoms increase: convulsions, vomiting, loss of consciousness, and rapid heartbeat.
    • At 107 degrees F. irreversible organ damage is underway.
    Along with adequate hydration and frequent breaks from heat exposure, providing a misting
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  4. Reinvigorate Your Hotel Patio Dining with Cool Misting

    Reinvigorate Your Hotel Patio Dining with Cool Misting

    When you're running a luxury hotel, every inch of your venue has been dedicated to guest comfort and relaxation, from the gourmet rooms service to the poolside dining. Your staff goes out of their way to fulfill every possible request and ensure each guest is having a wonderful time. While you may hand-mix drinks, bring up extra pillows, and considerately set thermostats, there is one thing that your expert hospitality staff cannot to: control the weather. As much as you would love to provide a balmy but comfortable 75 to 80 days, often during the summer months, the temperature gets much higher than that, driving your valued guests away from the outdoor amenities they'd otherwise love to enjoy. One of the biggest sacrifices made to the blazing summer sun in patio dining any other time of year.

    Too Hot to Handle

    The natural conflict, of course, is that summer is the most popular vacation
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  5. Eliminate Human Resource Complaints with Workplace Cooling for All Situations In the Right Ways

    Eliminate Human Resource Complaints with Workplace Cooling for All Situations In the Right Ways

    open office spaceWorkplace Heat

    There's no doubt about the fact that one of the biggest hazards that employees face is heat. While heat is not the most discussed workplace hazard of all, it's certainly something that employees will notice the moment that the weather changes at some point during the summer months. Employers should consider all of the benefits of being able to eliminate human resource complaints with workplace cooling for all situations.

    Workplace Cooling Methods

    Some employers have tried to solve this problem by installing fans and air conditioners. However, air conditioning can be very expensive for all employers, and some of them try to limit their use of air conditioning for that reason. Air conditioning is also
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  6. Stay Cool Dallas/Fort Worth, Cool-Off has Arrived

    Stay Cool Dallas/Fort Worth, Cool-Off has Arrived

    After many years in Houston, TX, we’ve moved our offices to the beautiful Dallas/Fort Worth area and have been creating great success with and for local businesses and residents alike. From helping hospitality businesses like the Sisu Boutique and Marisco’s Seafood Shack capitalize by keeping their patios open in otherwise preventative weather conditions to keeping the permanent and daily guests of the Dallas Zoo cool and comfortable, we’re proud to have the relationships we’ve had for years and look forward to meeting and working with more businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We’re excited to be in Dallas/Fort Worth and look forward to continuing to help businesses and residents of all sizes and from all backgrounds enjoy their outdoor space year round without having to “take the party inside” because of a little e

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  7. Our Misting Fans & Misting Systems Are The Answer to Your Summer Heat Wave

    Our Misting Fans & Misting Systems Are The Answer to Your Summer Heat Wave

    If you are like many other people across the country, you do not need to turn on the news to know that heat waves are plaguing the nation. You may only have to step outside to feel the intense, stifling heat overwhelm you. In many locations, the heat is so oppressive that people will spend most of the days during the summer indoors and may only venture outdoors when the temperature lowers at night. Others, however, have found a great way to beat the heat without being cooped up indoors all summer long through the installation of misting systems and misting fans. While summer may be coming to an end, you can continue to stay cool for the rest of the season and can prepare for the inevitable summer heat wave next year by investing in cooling fans and systems for your patio space. What Are Misting Systems? There are cooling systems available for both residential and commercial use, and these vary by their size, power and capabilities. They can just as well be used on a

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  8. Benefits of Installing a Commercial Misting System


    As we inch closer to summer, it’s time to start thinking about creative and effective ways to stay cool once the temperatures begin to rise. For businesses, air conditioning isn’t always an option, whether it’s because the cost is too high, or it’s simply not practical. The good news is there is a great alternative. Misting systems can provide the relief your employees and your customers need without the hefty cost of running and maintaining an HVAC system.  Let’s take a look at some of the benefits your business can realize by installing a commercial misting system

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