Find Refuge From The Sun With Cool-Off: Understanding How Misting Fans Work

If you've ever been walking in the hot sun at a theme park, an open air concert, or a similar event, chances are good you've come across a misting fan before. Whether it was a misting tent that people could walk through/rest in, or just misting fans set up on a patio to keep the area comfortable for diners, these devices always lower the temperature by a significant degree. But why do they do that? Most of us think we know the answer, but a majority of people don't actually understand how these fans work. Which is too bad, because the science behind their simplicity is something we can use to cool down practically any area.

Find Refuge From The Sun With Cool-Off: How Misting Fans Work

Misting fans are fairly simple devices. The base is a simple fan, the same sort you have in your office or living room for when you need some relief from the heat. Attached to the basic fan is a mister. The mist puts water vapor in front of the fan,
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