Misting fans are all the rage for summer. However, with summer coming to a close, they're all going on sale. 24 inch misting fans from Cool-Off work amazingly well. Why should you get a misting fan? To start, misting in the environment can help keep you and your employees cool. In a business where your employees spend a lot of time outside, this could be the difference between a working employee and an employee in the hospital with heat stroke. The large area that many fans cover could be the difference between a full paycheck and hospital bills. If you don't have a business to run, misting fans still benefit you. The area on your porch that always seems to be ten degrees hotter can be cooled with something like a 24 inch misting fan. Not only will you create a breeze, but the mist itself will be dispersed around the area and help cool it off. Even if your porch stays fairly cool in the summer, it would be nice to make it a little cooler.
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