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  1. How Misting Fans Give Summer Baseball Teams a Competitive Edge

    How Misting Fans Give Summer Baseball Teams a Competitive Edge

    Though baseball season starts and ends in chilly weather, most games are played during scorching temperatures. That said, the intense heat of summer causes many players to drip with sweat—even if they are just standing in right field without any action. But isn't that what baseball is all about: the grit of playing under the brutal sun, sliding around and getting dirty, and battling through the elements to prove your team is the team to beat? Of course, it is! However, these conditions can lead to things like sunburn, dehydration, and symptoms of heat stress, such as muscle cramps, dizziness, and fatigue. Though the right SPF reduces the likelihood players walk off the field looking like lobsters and water prevents dehydration, what's the best way to keep their bodies cool? Sure, they can always put cold rags around their necks or even dump bottles of water on their faces. But c'mon, baseball is

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  2. Commercial Uses For Misting Fans: Keep Your Nature Walk Cool With Misting Fans

    Commercial Uses For Misting Fans: Keep Your Nature Walk Cool With Misting Fans

    When spring has finally sprung, there's nowhere more popular than nature walks, arboretums, and gardens. Whether it's a couple out on a date, parents taking the kids somewhere they can see nature in full bloom, or just botanical admirers out for a hike, it seems like there's always someone on these trails. However, as spring gives way to summer they get progressively less popular. Because even with all the shade trees can provide, soaring temperatures can make these places much too hot for anyone but the most die-hard of nature lovers. Fortunately, you can provide a little bit of relief for visitors by installing misting fans at key locations throughout any given route.

    What Will Misting Fans Do?

    Misting fans, as Wise Geek explains, use the principles of evaporative cooling to lower the temperature in a given area. The way it works is that tiny droplets of water are sprayed into the air, and these droplets evaporate before they've gone more than a few
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  3. Eight Reasons Misting Fans Make Sense For Spring

    Eight Reasons Misting Fans Make Sense For Spring

    Several recent nor'easter storms and a winter that never seems to end may combine to make the idea of installing cooling misting fans the last thing on your mind. But warmer weather will arrive and with it these eight situations when you'll either be glad you made the early decision to order misting fans or regret you didn't get it done:

    You're A Coach For Youth Or Adult Sports Teams

    In the heat of game battle, players often overheat without realizing how sick they are until medical attention is necessary. Senior and child participants are especially susceptible to heat-related illnesses, as they do not adjust to extreme temperatures quickly. For seniors, the issues are age, chronic illness and medications; for children, it's their size and inability to understand or explain clearly to
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  4. Commercial & Personal Uses for Misting Fans: Keep Children Safe And Playgrounds Cool

    Commercial & Personal Uses for Misting Fans: Keep Children Safe And Playgrounds Cool

    As the weather warms up, kids spend more time outside. Even in this age of tablets and smartphones, with adults constantly shaking their heads about how much time kids spend staring at screens, playgrounds tend to be swarming with kids once springtime hits. However, when spring gives way to summer, and the temperatures soar, that can lead to some rather serious problems. How serious? Well, as Peaceful Playgrounds points out, kids tend to absorb more heat than adults do, and they sweat less in the process. So if a kid is out running around in the heat, climbing stairs, swinging on swings, and throwing themselves down a slide, they're going to heat up a lot faster than they would if they were a decade or so older. As a result, kids are much more prone to cramps, heat stroke, and other negative effects of high heat. Playground equipment can reach temperatures of more than 120 degrees during particularly

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  5. 3 Reasons To Have Misting Fans At Your Next Fair

    3 Reasons To Have Misting Fans At Your Next Fair

    Fairs are the time for having fun and making memories that will stay with you for years to come. Whether it's singing along with the band playing the center stage on opening night, riding the rides, testing yourself with the games of skill and chance, or just eating delicious food that you know you'll regret tomorrow, there's something for everyone to enjoy at fairs. However, since they tend to happen during the summer months (to take advantage of warm weather and since kids are off of school), fairs also have to contend with dust, soaring temperatures, and a dozen other environmental issues. If you've been beaten by the heat before, here are three reasons you should consider having misting fans at your next fair.

    Reason #1: They Keep Things Cool

    A misting system uses a basic scientific principle called evaporation cooling in order to help fight soaring temperatures.
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  6. Top 5 Advantages of Using Misting Fans for Manual Labor Jobs this Summer

    Top 5 Advantages of Using Misting Fans for Manual Labor Jobs this Summer

    Though working outside has its perks—such as breathing fresh air, the enjoying nature, soaking in essential vitamin D, getting a tan, and staying in shape, all while making money—there's no denying that it has its downfalls; the biggest of which is severe heat stress. But most of these problems can be resolved using a misting fan at the job site. And that's why there's no need to sweat whether your crew may overheat during the hottest months of the year. Join us below as we explain five advantages of using misting fans for manual labor jobs this summer.

    Staying Cool & Productive  From landscaping, hardscaping, masonry and roofing to painting, carpentry, construction and paving, industrial high-pressure misting fans are perfect for any type of outdoor work. Because not only do they keep your workers cool, calm, and collected during a time of

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  7. Spring's Coming: 7 Reasons You'll Need Misting Fans

    Spring's Coming: 7 Reasons You'll Need Misting Fans

    You can't see it through the snow, ice and freezing rain, but spring is coming, and with it comes fine weather, flowers, new tree growth, outdoor work and sports activities - and the need for misting fans. Here are seven reasons why spring's arrival signals it's time for adding some cooling comfort to your environment:

    Spring brings allergy seasonal allergies

    Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S., with about 50 million people suffering some symptoms annually and about 200,000 trips to the emergency room made every year due to the severe reactions. A misting fan helps remove dust and allergens from skin, hair and clothing, reducing the chance of inhaling them and causing an allergic reaction.

    Gardening and landscaping work

    Whether you're growing your own produce or re-sodding a baseball field, the water and breeze from a fan keeps you cool in warm or hot conditions, and for the home gardener, there's the
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  8. Using Misting Fans to Keep Your Houseplants Healthy This Winter

    Using Misting Fans to Keep Your Houseplants Healthy This Winter

    For many people, houseplants are almost pets. You worry about them when you go on vacation, ask your friends to look in on them, and sometimes spend hours on the internet looking up a possible wilting condition. Of course, in most cases, all your houseplant needs is a reasonable amount of light, soil nutrition, water, and ambient humidity. Unfortunately, even if you stick to a strict watering and sunlight schedule, the inside of a winter home when the heater kicks on is often much drier than is healthy for the leaves of a houseplant. Most plants require not only water through their roots but also a reasonable amount of humidity in the air. Otherwise, they will lose moisture through their leaves which can cause brown spots and wilting. This is why many gardeners swear by misting, the act of spraying a light mist of water on your home, office, and green houseplants in order to keep their leaves moist and the air around them a little more humid. Of course, here at Cool Off,

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  9. How to Enhance Your RV Vacations with a Misting Fan

    How to Enhance Your RV Vacations with a Misting Fan

    Going on a loner, couple's, or family vacation in your RV can be one of the freest experiences imaginable. Because you have everything you need inside, there's no need to worry about hotels, schedules, or even arrival times. You can always pull over and take a very comfortable nap, keep yourself clean, avoid questionable gas station bathrooms, and cook from real groceries instead of relying on unhealthy travel food. Whether you're going on an extended camping trip, want to work remotely in the woods for a while, or will be using the RV to visit family without needing a guest bedroom, RV life is a luxury. But it can get hot. Anyone who's gone RV camping before already understands the unique challenges involved in keeping your RV at the perfect comfortable temperatures. Even if your RV is well-insulated against the weather outside, they tend to build up heat inside the cabin. Cooking is a particularly serious challenge, as heat from the stove and oven can become intense in the small cabin

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  10. 5 Uses For Misting Fans To Keep Your Summer Cool

    5 Uses For Misting Fans To Keep Your Summer Cool

    We've all seen misting fans before. These simple devices use tiny nozzles, high-pressure water, and basic science to create localized areas of cool air, which can help you beat the heat during even the more unreasonable temperatures. But while we see them on the patios at high-end restaurants, or on the sidelines during professional sports games, that doesn't mean these fans are only for the rich and famous. In fact, there are all sorts of uses you could put them to this summer.

    #1: Making Your Porch Bearable

    If you've got a porch or a patio, then the natural urge is to use it to enjoy some of that fresh air you're entitled to. But when the mercury rises, even sitting and reading a book can become a stifling, impossible activity. The idea of doing anything active, much less hosting a get-together with friends and neighbors, is ridiculous if you
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