Commercial Uses For Misting Fans: Keep Your Nature Walk Cool With Misting Fans

When spring has finally sprung, there's nowhere more popular than nature walks, arboretums, and gardens. Whether it's a couple out on a date, parents taking the kids somewhere they can see nature in full bloom, or just botanical admirers out for a hike, it seems like there's always someone on these trails. However, as spring gives way to summer they get progressively less popular. Because even with all the shade trees can provide, soaring temperatures can make these places much too hot for anyone but the most die-hard of nature lovers. Fortunately, you can provide a little bit of relief for visitors by installing misting fans at key locations throughout any given route.

What Will Misting Fans Do?

Misting fans, as Wise Geek explains, use the principles of evaporative cooling to lower the temperature in a given area. The way it works is that tiny droplets of water are sprayed into the air, and these droplets evaporate before they've gone more than a few
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