1. 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Patio Misting System

    8 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Patio Misting System
    Installing a patio misting system is simple in theory, but not always so easy to do in practice. We've seen and helped out with thousands of misting installations over the years and let us tell you, if you're struggling or worried about getting confused, you're not alone. Misting requires many pieces to be fit together in one continuous water-tight system, which means there are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes along the way. Fortunately, these mistakes are usually easy to spot and fix. And with the help of today's reel of common misting installation bloopers and solutions, you can avoid all of the most common mistakes before even getting started.

    1) Loose Connections

    By far the most common misting mistake is forgetting to tighten your joints. Because a misting system involves a fair number of nozzles, joints, and elbows, this can be a lot of individual
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  2. Reinvigorate Your Hotel Patio Dining with Cool Misting

    Reinvigorate Your Hotel Patio Dining with Cool Misting

    When you're running a luxury hotel, every inch of your venue has been dedicated to guest comfort and relaxation, from the gourmet rooms service to the poolside dining. Your staff goes out of their way to fulfill every possible request and ensure each guest is having a wonderful time. While you may hand-mix drinks, bring up extra pillows, and considerately set thermostats, there is one thing that your expert hospitality staff cannot to: control the weather. As much as you would love to provide a balmy but comfortable 75 to 80 days, often during the summer months, the temperature gets much higher than that, driving your valued guests away from the outdoor amenities they'd otherwise love to enjoy. One of the biggest sacrifices made to the blazing summer sun in patio dining any other time of year.

    Too Hot to Handle

    The natural conflict, of course, is that summer is the most popular vacation
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  3. The Profitability of Cool Misty Dining All Year Round

    The Profitability of Cool Misty Dining All Year Round

    During the cooler months of the year, many customers prefer the breezy luxury of patio dining at their favorite restaurant. Building a popular outdoor dining area involves a combination of shady privacy and appealing street view. When artfully done, customers on the sidewalk will look in and see how lovely your patio dining is while customers on the patio will feel exclusive and secluded at their shaded outdoor tables. However, during the hottest summer months, suddenly that lucrative patio space 'dries up' so to speak as customers dive for the AC cooled dining rooms. How can you keep some of your best seating open during the summer? The answer is to keep your patio cool with subtle and enjoyable misting.

    How Misting Works

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  4. Boost Your Restaurant's Annual Profits with Cool Patio Dining All Year

    Boost Your Restaurant's Annual Profits with Cool Patio Dining All Year

    For many regions, the temperature rise in spring is only a harbinger of the hot summer months to come. During the summer, people go out more, vacations are planned, and tourism picks up practically everywhere. This rise in temperature, sunny weather, and happy activity has a huge impact on restaurants who stand to benefit from the business brought by summer traffic. In hotter areas, many restaurants face an interesting summer challenge, that of packed indoor tables and empty patio seating. Most of the year, the patio is a wonderfully cool place to eat out in the breeze and get free from the busy dining room, but in the hottest part of summer, everyone wants to sit in the air conditioning. Fortunately, this doesn't mean your patio seating is closed until sundown. As it often does, science and modern technology have a solution: mist-cooling

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  5. What To Consider Before Buying a Patio Umbrella

    img_0462_1_1 As we’re all gearing up for the warmer weather (and some folks are lucky enough to already be enjoying it), it’s time to start thinking about setting up the patio. One important thing to consider is how you will shade areas of your yard that do not have trees or other fixtures to keep the hot sun from beating down. The right patio umbrella can provide the perfect solution, adding practicality and design to any outdoor area. But before you buy, here are a few important things to consider so you make the right choice.

    Assess Your Needs – First things first, you need to figure out where you’ll most likely use a patio umbrella (or several). Take a good look at your la

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  6. Benefits of Owning a Misting System

    5 Reasons to Get a Patio Umbrella

    You may have heard about these nifty machines that can release tiny particles of water that vaporize instantly to cool the area around them. Maybe you’ve even experienced one for yourself when you were walking around at the zoo on a hot day last summer. They’re called misting systems, and they’re not just for the rich or for commercial use only. You can easily install one of these systems around your own patio, pool area or other outdoor space. In fact, here are some of the many benefits you’ll receive by doing so.

    Keep cool when temps rise. Most pe

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  7. What to Consider When Purchasing a Patio Umbrella


    Patio umbrellas make a welcome addition to any outdoor space. Not only do they provide shade and shelter on a hot, sunny day, but they also add a touch of color and elegance to really pull together your outdoor décor. With so many shapes, sizes, colors and designs to choose from, however, picking the one that’s right for you can be challenging. Let’s take a look at some of the important things to consider when purchasing a new patio umbrella.

    Do you want a standalone patio umbrella or a tabletop one? The answer to this lies in how you plan to use the umbrella. If you’d like your umbrella to provide

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  8. Tips for Planning the Perfect Patio


    Even though many of us are right in the thick of winter with no end in sight, now is actually the perfect time to start thinking about spring – particularly your new patio area. Planning ahead can help you get everything you need in order before the weather breaks so that you’ll be ready to move forward as soon as possible. That way you won’t be wasting precious time and can start enjoying your outdoor space earlier. Here are a few tips to get you on the right path.

    Determine your patio’s purpose. What do you plan on using the area for most? Will it be for dining, or rela

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  9. How to Winterize Your Misting System

    winter patio

    It’s that time again, when the cold weather is making its way to most areas of the country and even the globe. This year, some places that normally experience relatively mild temperatures or warmer weather are also feeling the brunt of the winter air. If you’re in one of these locations and you have a misting system installed in your outdoor space, it’s time to think about putting it away for the season. Here are a few helpful tips for winterizing your misting system so it’ll still be in tip-top shape when it comes time to use it again.

    Unplug unit. The first step in preparing your misting system for winter is unplugging it from any power source (if applicable). Store the cord safely by either removin

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  10. What to Consider When Planning for Shade Sails

    file_2_29 In a recent post, we talked about the many benefits shade sails offer for enjoying the outdoor summer weather safely and comfortably. If you’re in the process of considering investing in a shade sail, there are a number of things you must take into consideration to ensure that the process goes smoothly and you end up with the result you’re looking for. The more you plan ahead, the fewer headaches you’ll have to deal with in the end. That said, here are some tips for planning for your new shade sails.

    First, you’ll need to decide which type of shade sail would best suit your needs. This will help you determine how much work will go into getting it set up. For instance, if you’re just looking

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