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  1. Improve Customer Experience with Patio Umbrellas & Cabanas

    Improve Customer Experience with Patio Umbrellas & Cabanas

    Every business wants to flourish, that much is obvious. From employing a customer-friendly staff to keeping your product/service fresh and relevant, any edge you can gain is of the utmost importance. But with that said, once you've attracted a potential buyer, how do you plan to keep them there? What will keep them coming? Options are wide and various if you're a business owner. Competition is fierce, so make sure you stand out and enhance customer experience. How so? Consider an aesthetic and practical enhancement! Commercial patio umbrellas and resort cabanas.

    Why Patio Umbrellas and Resort Cabanas?

    Who doesn't like some shade on a hot day? A place to relax with friends? We all know the practical benefits, but here is something else to consider: Humans are creatures drawn to a pleasing image. In fact, according to a study done by the Department of Industrial Design at Chang Gung University, there is a direct link in humans which "clearly show that product
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  2. 3 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Apartment Community

    3 Ways to Add Luxury to Your Apartment Community

    Every industry has its own special standards. These are details that rival companies compete on that make a difference to the customers and decide who is at the top of the industry. In multi-family rentals, this standard can be summed up in a single word, "Luxury". Luxury apartments are a step above average apartments. They provide a higher degree of comfort, convenience, and exclusivity than what most people have come to associate with apartments and complexes. However, what defines an apartment as 'luxury' is not exactly set in stone, in fact, it changes from neighborhood to neighborhood. The design of a building can enhance the luxury of an apartment unit and neighborhood. But, many apartment communities have self-upgraded simply by improving the environment, amenities, and quality of the units themselves. If you're looking to become more competitive in the local apartment rental market, the most bang for your budget can be found in clever and affordable luxury features. Here are

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  3. What Type Of Patio Umbrella Is Best For Your Resort?

    What Type Of Patio Umbrella Is Best For Your Resort?
    Patio umbrellas are one of the best conveniences you can provide for your resort guests. They provide a space protected from the elements for your guests to relax in and still enjoy the outdoors. Tired parents can supervise their children in comfort, and folks can watch the sunset while secure. However, delivering the most comfort to your guests requires picking the best umbrella for your property. Which one should you pick? That is a question that only you can answer, but here are few general things to consider while you are out shopping for your resort.

    Cantilever Umbrellas

    Do you have an open area where the sunlight moves dramatically throughout the day? Cantilever umbrellas may be your best bet. These are umbrellas that hang from their masts instead of opening up from a main post. The canopy can be moved around the mast so that the shade covers the right area all day, no matter what time it is. This also has the advantage of not having
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  4. Lengthen Your Resort's High Season with Patio Umbrellas & Cabanas

    Lengthen Your Resort's High Season with Patio Umbrellas & Cabanas

    Resorts in warm, sunny climates are the perfect place to spend the winter, but tourists are always looking for exciting destinations all year round. For many resort owners in winter destinations, summer means lower crowds and limited use of your stunning resort grounds. Fortunately, it's easy to extend your high season with patio umbrellas and cabanas. Make your resort a cool, shady retreat all year long with Cool-off's patio umbrellas and cabanas. Specifically designed for commercial use, these are a luxurious addition to your beautiful resort. Get more visitors in the low season with this fantastic solution.

    Improve resort occupancy Although high season brings lots of visitors, low season leaves lots of room for improvement. For example, Scottsdale, AZ's lodging report stated, "Hotels in the Scottsdale/Paradise Valley Market area experienced an occupancy

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  5. Patio Umbrellas & Cabanas for Your Resort: Using Them Year-Round

    Patio Umbrellas & Cabanas for Your Resort: Using Them Year-Round

    While tourists usually waver by seasons, your resort needs to keep going year-round to keep yourself profitable. Part of this should include improving your resort's aesthetics, especially when people spend time outdoors. Fall and winter are soon upon us, but your resort might reside in a place where you still receive sunshine. Have you thought about using patio umbrellas and cabanas to keep your guests protected? You might find several scenarios where they help protect your visitors from the sun. They also work the other way around if you happen to run your resort in rainy climates. Take a look at the types of patio umbrellas and cabanas you can buy, with many found at Cool-Off.

    Covering Open Areas

    Some parts of your resort may have wide open spaces where the sun poses a big problem. Everyone knows about sun dangers, even if some people may not worry about it when on vacation. Others may

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  6. Do Your Resort Patio Umbrellas Have Star Quality?

    Do Your Resort Patio Umbrellas Have Star Quality?

    Guests love to treat themselves to some al fresco time by the pool or enjoy a few holes on the green. These are unquestionably some of the most favorite choices for vacation relaxation and fun. Although fun in the sun has its pleasures, eventually guests will want to beat the heat with a bit of shade. Offering guests a luxury, star quality experience, resort cabanas and patio umbrellas simply must be constructed of the finest materials. Do your shady spaces measure up?

    Special Treatments:

    Luxury resort patio umbrellas and cabanas are designed to withstand the rigors of exposure to the elements. The finest patio umbrellas have sturdy frameworks of non-rust aluminum paired with high-quality fabrics featuring special treatments. Leaders in the luxury outdoor furniture industry use double powder coated paint to compliment the natural rust-resistance of aluminum.
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  7. Making Shade: Patio Umbrellas And Cabanas For Your Club

    Making Shade: Patio Umbrellas And Cabanas For Your Club

    Consider these facts about work, hot weather, and your vacation:

    • Travel insurance adds 4 to 10 percent per person of the total cost of your vacation to your total price.
    • Travel insurance is not a one-plan-fits-all-needs program. Buying a policy to cover cancellation costs is one portion of the insurance, medical coverage is another and baggage loss and delay is a third example of a separate policy.
    • Adventure and active travelers beware: medical traveler insurance frequently excludes high-risk activities, such as scuba diving, mountain climbing, and bungee jumping.
    • Sixty-three percent of travelers say they or a traveling companion experienced a medical issue while on vacation, and sunburn/heat-related issues are one of the top concerns.
    • According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, outdoor employees need five
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  8. Find Refuge from the Sun with Cool-Off: Maximizing Outdoor Space

    Find Refuge from the Sun with Cool-Off: Maximizing Outdoor Space
    Swanky hotel pool deck and patio. A restaurant or home’s most impressive feature can often be the outdoor areas, although the oppressive heat of the summer can significantly hamper the ability to enjoy the fresh air. Fortunately, a wealth of available options not only can allow your business or residential property to survive the summer heat but actually help it to thrive when the temperatures hit their peak. Here’s a look at the top four reasons to transform your outdoor space and find refuge from the sun with Cool-Off.  

    Avoid that sun burn with umbrellas and shade sails:

    Just about everyone loves to be outside in the summer but nobody wants to pay the price with a brutal sunburn at the end of it. Although there are plenty of helpful options when it comes
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  9. Increase Your Outdoor Dining Area's Appeal Today

    Increase Your Outdoor Dining Area's Appeal Today

    For restaurants interested in attracting more diners throughout the sunny days of Spring and Summer, patio dining areas are a priority. This is a lucrative trend but an establishment will only benefit if their decks and patios have the right comfort features. For the latest in outdoor dining comfort, a business strategy will find their clientele's best refuge from the Sun with Cool-Off products.

    ROI: When it comes to planning a patio dining area, or to upgrade an existing one, the first step is to prepare a budget. Once the numbers have been crunched, there is one more thing to consider for that final tally, your return on investment (ROI). Industry research reveals that a restaurant with an al fresco dining option has the potential to increase its revenue by as much as 30%. Other restaurant professionals claim an even

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  10. Find Refuge from the Sun with Patio Umbrellas From Cool-Off

    Find Refuge from the Sun with Patio Umbrellas From Cool-Off
    Outdoor patio and water feature shaded by an umbrella. You've invested in that beautiful outdoor space, now you can better extend its use throughout the seasons with our patio umbrellas. Translucent fabrics filter light while bouncing many of those unwanted UV rays back out into the atmosphere. Find refuge from the sun with one of Cool-Off's patio umbrellas.

    Umbrella Frames

    Select the frame that suits your style even as it addresses your need for serious functionality. We offer aluminum, fiberglass and wood umbrella frames. Consider the advantages of each as you make your selection. Aluminum patio umbrellas offer more possibilities for opening and closing - remote control, crank, pulley, quick lift and manual lift. Flexible tilting
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