Reduce Heat Stress and Suppress Dust with Industrial Cooling from Cool-Off

For industrial leadership teams, managing worker heat stress and suppressing dust is a real problem. Manufacturers and agricultural workers also face challenges from low humidity and high heat. Fortunately, it's easy and cost-effective to reduce heat stress and suppress dust with the industrial grade products from Cool-off. Eliminate dangerous problems easily with our high-pressure misting systems and fans. Learn more about heat stress and dust suppression to see a few small changes could improve your workplace.

Heat Stress

What is heat stress?

Many industry workers use heavy machinery that produces excess heat or work in outdoor facilities where heat is a big problem. When there is too much heat, the human body works harder to cool off. Employees who don't get enough water experience complications from dehydration, including fatigue, exhaustion, and even heat-related illness.

How does heat stress impact my business?

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