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  1. Stay Cool Dallas/Fort Worth, Cool-Off has Arrived

    Stay Cool Dallas/Fort Worth, Cool-Off has Arrived

    After many years in Houston, TX, we’ve moved our offices to the beautiful Dallas/Fort Worth area and have been creating great success with and for local businesses and residents alike. From helping hospitality businesses like the Sisu Boutique and Marisco’s Seafood Shack capitalize by keeping their patios open in otherwise preventative weather conditions to keeping the permanent and daily guests of the Dallas Zoo cool and comfortable, we’re proud to have the relationships we’ve had for years and look forward to meeting and working with more businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We’re excited to be in Dallas/Fort Worth and look forward to continuing to help businesses and residents of all sizes and from all backgrounds enjoy their outdoor space year round without having to “take the party inside” because of a little e

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  2. How to Make the Most of Your Shade Sails

    Making the most of your shade sails means reimagining your outdoor space. Think about the outdoor commercial or residential space you don’t use in the heat of the summer. If the lack of shade is the only thing stopping you from using that space, consider getting shade sails from Cool-Off.

    Our stylish shade sails are available in square or triangle shapes and are perfect for backyards, pool areas, patios, courtyards, picnic areas, play areas and large outdoor venues. Here are some ways to make the most of your shade sails:

    1. Invite friends and family to your house for an outdoor party. Whether it’s a summer holiday, special occasion or just for fun, shade sails can help make your backyard party more comfortable for you
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