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  1. How Misting Fans Give Summer Baseball Teams a Competitive Edge

    How Misting Fans Give Summer Baseball Teams a Competitive Edge

    Though baseball season starts and ends in chilly weather, most games are played during scorching temperatures. That said, the intense heat of summer causes many players to drip with sweat—even if they are just standing in right field without any action. But isn't that what baseball is all about: the grit of playing under the brutal sun, sliding around and getting dirty, and battling through the elements to prove your team is the team to beat? Of course, it is! However, these conditions can lead to things like sunburn, dehydration, and symptoms of heat stress, such as muscle cramps, dizziness, and fatigue. Though the right SPF reduces the likelihood players walk off the field looking like lobsters and water prevents dehydration, what's the best way to keep their bodies cool? Sure, they can always put cold rags around their necks or even dump bottles of water on their faces. But c'mon, baseball is

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  2. Keeping Field Days Cool with Misting Tents

    Keeping Field Days Cool with Misting Tents

    Every active parent has been to at least one 'field day', a sports event often thrown for younger children allowing a day of friendly competition in a variety of events. Field day is a great way to get kids to run around and play hard, effectively getting their blood pumping to a cardio exercise level for several hours throughout the day. Events usually include things like sprints, relay races, sack races, three-legged races, tug-of-war, and hula-hoop contests. Kids schedule their events and practically leap from race to race, competing with classmates in teams and as individuals. Of course, with all this running around in the hot sun, children and parents alike need to make an effort to stay cool and one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to do this is with misting tents.

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  3. Support Youth Athletics and Keep Kids Safe with Cooling Tents

    Support Youth Athletics and Keep Kids Safe with Cooling Tents

    Youth athletics are a great way to bring your family together. Everyone loves to cheer on their local team, and youth athletics help children and teens gain team-building skills, develop their athletic talents, and get plenty of exercise in a positive, supervised environment. However, extreme heat puts a damper on even the best youth athletic activities. Fortunately, there's an easy way for parents and friends to support youth athletics, even in the hot summers. Cool off your team in the shade of a misting tent, or set one up to watch your kids play in the sun. Is a misting tent right for you? Read on to learn more about these amazing products.

    Reduce risk of heat exhaustion

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  4. Our Misting Fans & Misting Systems Are The Answer to Your Summer Heat Wave

    Our Misting Fans & Misting Systems Are The Answer to Your Summer Heat Wave

    If you are like many other people across the country, you do not need to turn on the news to know that heat waves are plaguing the nation. You may only have to step outside to feel the intense, stifling heat overwhelm you. In many locations, the heat is so oppressive that people will spend most of the days during the summer indoors and may only venture outdoors when the temperature lowers at night. Others, however, have found a great way to beat the heat without being cooped up indoors all summer long through the installation of misting systems and misting fans. While summer may be coming to an end, you can continue to stay cool for the rest of the season and can prepare for the inevitable summer heat wave next year by investing in cooling fans and systems for your patio space. What Are Misting Systems? There are cooling systems available for both residential and commercial use, and these vary by their size, power and capabilities. They can just as well be used on a

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  5. Top Five Cool-Off Products for Event Planners

    Count on Cool-Off to help you cool guests at your next event! From portable misting systems to shade sails and cabanas, we offer a variety of solutions for event planners. We understand the importance of keeping cool and comfortable which is why we offer our top five Cool-Off products for event planners:

    1. Low Pressure Misting Tents: Perfect for outdoor events, this 10x10 tent offers misting on three sides, keeping vendors cool. Just connect to a garden hose and go!
    2. Portable Misting Fan: The 18” Portable Misting Fan is one of our newest products. Standing 56” in height, this fan has a 90 degree oscillating fan head, a 2.7 gallon reservoir that allows for up to five hours of refreshing mist.
    3. Sports Misting: Enjoy a cool mist while
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