Commercial & Personal Uses for Misting Fans: Keep Summer Sports Cool By Installing Misting Fans

Summer is the time for sports. Whether it's junior soccer for the kids, the company softball league dad decided to join this year, or peewee football for the little ones, everyone wants to get out and play a game or two once the temperature warms up. Even if you remember to stay hydrated and put on the proper amount of sunscreen, though, there is a risk that you won't be able to beat the heat after it reaches a certain temperature. However, if you're looking for a way to keep cool while still getting into the spirit of the season, then it might be time to think about setting up misting fans on your home field. If you're thinking of those fans you often see on restaurant patios that keep things cool for the outdoor patrons, those are exactly the same fans we're talking about. They can do a lot more than let you enjoy your sandwich in comfort when the temperature soars.

How Will Misting Fans Help Athletes Beat The Heat?

When you're out on
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