1. Ask our Experts to Help You Design Your Space


    At Cool-Off our team understands that you may not know what you need to create the space you want. We’re here to help you find the best solution. Our team of designers can provide you with options that fit your unique project.

    1. Visit our website and review our misting and/or heater products best suited for your project.
    2. Go to Ask the Experts.
    3. Upload a few photos, digital renderings or even a simple sketch. Include dimensions and other relevant information.
    4. Tell us in which products you are interested.
    5. Our designers will review y
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  2. 20 Places to Use Cool-Off Commercial Cooling Products

    'Winston outdoor furniture - Camden Crossweave' photo (c) 2009, Winston Furniture - license:

    Our commercial cooling products including commercial fogging kits can be used at a variety of venues. From music festivals to landfills, these products provide dual purpose. They keep the crowd cool and can help cut down on dust and odors.

    Our fog risers and fog nozzles provide cooling and

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