4 Best Patio Umbrella Manufacturers for Umbrellas of Every Type

Keeping your guests, customers, or even patients, less hot and more comfortable during the summer months is one of the highest priorities in the restaurant, hotel, entertainment, and festival industry. Particularly in the southern and southwestern regions of the US, summer temperatures can rise to extremely unpleasant levels. In some cases, the heat can even affect individuals' ability to remain outside even for only short periods. Here at Cool-Off, we understand the importance of keeping patrons cool, and we take the necessity for shade seriously. Allow us to share the types and styles of outdoor umbrellas we offer and a bit about the unique features of each.

FIM Patio Umbrellas

The FIM line of umbrellas is designed and made in Italy and is the product of 75 years of expertise. Their umbrellas are a combination of tradition and technology. A modern classic, FIM

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