1. Clubs, Resorts In Any Climate Benefit From Patio Umbrellas, Cabanas

    Clubs, Resorts In Any Climate Benefit From Patio Umbrellas, Cabanas

    When you think of big, colorful umbrellas and cabanas, hot days, cold drinks and the need to hide from the sun usually come to mind. But clubs and resorts in tropical climates are not the only beneficiaries of such shady amenities; ski resorts and other cold-weather locations will find just as much use for them. If your resort operates year-round, and your packing those patio umbrellas and cabanas away when ski season arrives, here's why it's time to rethink that idea:

    Why sun protection matters in a cold climate

    The sun's rays don't go away just because it's winter, with its overcast skies and shorter days. The sun's UV rays can penetrate cloud cover and contribute to skin cancer,

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  2. Using Misting Fans to Keep Your Houseplants Healthy This Winter

    Using Misting Fans to Keep Your Houseplants Healthy This Winter

    For many people, houseplants are almost pets. You worry about them when you go on vacation, ask your friends to look in on them, and sometimes spend hours on the internet looking up a possible wilting condition. Of course, in most cases, all your houseplant needs is a reasonable amount of light, soil nutrition, water, and ambient humidity. Unfortunately, even if you stick to a strict watering and sunlight schedule, the inside of a winter home when the heater kicks on is often much drier than is healthy for the leaves of a houseplant. Most plants require not only water through their roots but also a reasonable amount of humidity in the air. Otherwise, they will lose moisture through their leaves which can cause brown spots and wilting. This is why many gardeners swear by misting, the act of spraying a light mist of water on your home, office, and green houseplants in order to keep their leaves moist and the air around them a little more humid. Of course, here at Cool Off,

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  3. Winterizing Your Deck or Patio

    outdoor patio If you’re lucky enough to have a deck, patio or outdoor gazebo, you know that this time of year it’s important to take the appropriate steps to prepare and protect it for winter. You want to extend its life for as long as possible so you can enjoy it for many more springs and summers to come. Here are a few helpful tips to add to your winter to-do list. Clean it up. Start by sweeping to remove all excess dirt and debris that may have gathered over the course of the year. Anything left behind – especially moss or fungus - could begin to stain or even cause structural damage. Remove and store furniture. If you have a place indoors to store your patio furniture, like a garage, that’s always your best bet. If not, move the furniture to a safe area where it can be stacked and stored, and then co

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