Throw an Unforgettable Pool Party with a Misting Cabana
Pool parties are one of the great luxuries of modern life. You can lounge and work on your tan or dive into the deliciously cool water for a few laps with your friends. Whether it's a birthday or just an excuse to get together and sip cool drinks with your feet in the water, pool parties are one of the few things that children and adults can both completely agree on. Hanging out by the pool is fun, relaxing, and a great way to unwind over the weekend between long weeks of work or school. Some people will spend almost the entire party actually in the water, swimming, playing water sports in the shallow end, or practicing their dive over and over again but in the grand scheme of things, most people prefer to lounge, chat with their friends, and snack on tasty treats rather than actually jump in. Of course, once the sun is hot enough to warm the water up to a nice toasty 80 F or so, it's gotten pretty sweltering out on the pavement. Most pool parties feature some form of shade for overheating partygoers who don't feel like another swim, but with one simple trick you can make your pool parties the talk of the town, unforgettable simply by how literally cool they are. The answer is in the wonderful misting cabana or tent.

How Misting Works

You've probably come across misting before, though you may not realize it. Misting is used in theme parks to keep guests from overheating while walking between summer rides, by resorts to cool their outdoor walkways, and by some restaurants to keep their patio dining delightfully comfy even as the temperature rises, but misting isn't just for commercial venues. You can do it too. All you need are a few nozzles, a tent or cabana, and hose that leads to your outdoor spigot. When water reaches the nozzles, they disperse it into a fine mist made up of thousands of little droplets of water. These droplets then capture the ambient heat and pull it to the ground, quite effectively bringing down the temperature in your shady space making a relaxing and breezy cool zone. When the droplets land on you or your guests, they can pull heat from the body as well and take it with them when they evaporate, much in the same way sweat does but only cleaner. This means that with only one to four little nozzles creating mist, you can provide a spacious and luxuriously cool shady area for your guests to relax in.

A Block Party Hit

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Because misting is most commonly seen in commercial use, you are almost certain to be the first host on your block and possibly in your entire neighborhood to install a misting system in your own backyard. It's not only delightfully cool, it also creates a somewhat magical effect as night falls and your yard lights highlight the delicately billowing clouds of mist produced inside your poolside cabana. You can even plan for this and carefully place a few low-set colored lights to pick up and tint your mist, surprising and delighting your guests. Luxury and special effects like this, friends and neighbors won't be able to stop talking about how amazing your new backyard setup is and there's a good chance you'll see a trend start around your personal backyard design. Not sure where to get your misting fans? You don't have to ask the theme park where they got theirs or even deal with a commercial supplier. With Cool-Off, we specialize in creating misting tents and cabanas for savvy consumers and commercial venues alike. To find the perfect misting system for your backyard, contact us today and our experts will be happy to help you choose exactly the package that will transform your pool parties into sensational outdoor events.