While you’re grabbing blankets and warm socks, sipping hot drinks, the team at Cool-Off is already thinking about what how we can help you in the thaw of springtime. We like to be ready before we have to be and we want the same for our valued customers.

Before it’s too late to enjoy your patio, test the misters. If you know which parts need replacing whether from loss or use, you can watch our website for sales on parts and new misting systems while you’re sipping hot chocolate this winter. You’ll be ready for the summer while your friends are scrambling to identify problems and find solutions.

Take down anything in the yard that will fly away or get damaged in a big storm. You don’t want to be replacing things that could be put away for better weather. In milder climates, you may be able to leave cabanas, shade sails and outdoor furniture set up; be mindful of plants that need to be covered as the frost begins. This will save you from having to buy new plants in the spring.

Thinking ahead will help keep your mind off the cold and ready for Spring! For more information about comfort solutions offered by Cool-Off, please visit our website www.cooloff.com.