It’s that time of year again when your patio or outdoor living space is likely to be the place where you’ll do most of your entertaining. Yet, with temperatures sure to be rising and the hot sun beating down, finding a way to keep that area cool and comfortable for you and your guests can be a challenge. Let’s take a look at a few tricks and tips for keeping your outdoor space as cool as a cucumber this summer season.

Create natural shade with trees. By planting shade trees at both east and west points of your patio, you’ll create both a practical way to keep the hot sun at bay and an aesthetically pleasing design.

Paint patio roofs or beams. Darker colors on roofs absorb more heat than lighter ones. Paint the roofs or beams above your patio a lighter color to help reflect some of the heat and keep your summer entertainment area cooler.

Use misters. If you’re only relying on a fan to keep your patio cool, chances are you’re falling short. That’s because fans are only effective if you and your guests stay right under or near them. When you have a gathering of people, fans won’t do the trick. Add a misting fan or misting system to the mix, however, and everyone can enjoy the relief.

Strategically place your grill. Keeping your grill too close to entertainment areas can add unnecessary heat and make spending time there unpleasant. Move your outdoor cooking area to a place that is as far away from your patio, porch or pool area as possible.

Keep the menu cool. Everyone loves a good burger or hotdog, but when the temperatures are up, it may make more sense to stick to chilled menu items, like salads, fruits and frozen treats. And don’t forget to provide plenty of ice cold water to keep your guests both hydrated and cool.

Install shade sails. Shade sails provide the perfect alternative to awnings, because they’re easy to install, stylish and keep outdoor areas much cooler. That’s because while they keep out the sun, they also allow air to pass freely around them, letting cooler breezes through and not trapping hot, stagnant air.

These tips should help keep your outdoor gatherings cool, inviting and fun!

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